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Take a Deep Breath… now Blog

Posted by Altered Confusion on December 6, 2007

So it is the time of my triumphant return, or something to that degree. I’ve been working my ass off at work trying to get 3 different versions of the game out. Of course all three have their separate problems and as a result I’m just getting the evil eye from the boss.

So I’ve put in some serious time on College Hoops 2k8. I have to say I like the game, it is a lot harder, but there are small little weaknesses that you can exploit, I’d love to talk about them but then where would be the fun in that. I still can’t get over the strange free throw mechanics of using the sixaxis controller to do the motions.

I’m one day away from leaving for New York and it feels like I’m not going until next week with all this work that I have to get through today to make it to tomorrow. I am, after work, going to run up to Dunwoody to visit the family for a couple of minutes so yeah long day ahead for me.

It is truly sad that I really don’t have the energy for a rambling entry today I guess I’ve just got enough to say I’m still breathing, barely, but still doing it.

Oh just an FYI for those out there with XBOX360 if you haven’t already don’t forget to download the new update to the dashboard, and also check out the new demos. There’s one called Culcept which is suppose to be pretty good from what I hear, on PennyArcade.

On last thing, I love the holidays and all that are coming up, but I have to say I am having a bitch of a time trying to figure out what to get people, I suck at gift giving. That is all.


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