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It’s a Sad Day in the World Today

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 23, 2008

So there you go, my millionth attempt to draw something to show off. So I’ve definitely moved on from MS Paint, I’ve had a run in with Paint Shop Pro, and now I’m onto Flash. I think the reason why I’m where I am is because I’m a bit jittery when it comes to drawing and Flash has an option to help smooth out the lines.

So as for the title, Heath Ledger, an actor that I thought was damn good, though I wasn’t really motivated to see Brokeback Mountain, which is suppose to be his best work, I enjoyed him greatly in 10 things I hate about you, a Knight’s Tale, the Order (which no one really has heard of which is really a shame, then again it had to do with Religion and sometimes that’s just a touchy subject), The Patriot (though it was one of the Mel Gibson “Look at me, Look at me” movies), and the Brothers Grimm. He will be greatly missed, and I can’t wait to see his final spot on the screen The Dark Knight.

You know I have to say that I’m really pissed off right about now. My favorite radio station is basically going away, not completely but in a way that I can no longer enjoy their tunes while in the car. 99x is moving to the internet and HD radio. The sad thing is that I don’t listen to the radio at work, and I don’t own a HD radio, which means that’s strike two for me. The greatest travesty to the entire thing is that as a result a radio station that is a copy cat of all the top 40 format radio stations gets to steal its dial setting and blast the same damn music as 4 other stations over and over again. I’d say that I’d be fine with that, but the problem is there is nothing to replace 99x. I could go to Project 9-6-1, but the problem is that those guys in the morning piss me off. I mean Jenners pissed me off, but it wasn’t in the same way as the Giant show does. I can safely say that unless another alternative rock station pops up it looks like mp3 music 24/7 in the car from now on.

So I didn’t get to draw last night or write, but I did exercise which was a huge accomplishment, and I continued to do so even after the dude on the DVD was stretching to obscenely impossible lengths to me. I’m sorry but when I put my leg up on the chair, and then you ask me to put my hands on the chair with my chest laying on my thigh, well that’s damn impossible. I’ve always had the tightest hamstrings, and that type of move aint going to make it.

I also DDRed for about 30 minutes last night, which roughly equated into 2.18 miles of jogging. So I figure that if I can feel better, or maybe not that when I go home I’ll try to do the yoga stretch thing again, and then DDR a bit earlier than 10 PM for my neighbors sake.

Well it has come to my attention that I probably should get back to work, but I did want to relay some good news /bad news. Alright good news I found my gamecube memory card so that means that I can try to finish off some of the games I’ve been playing. Bad news, umm I’ve lost every single PS2 memory card now so I can’t play anything away from the PS3, or if I do I won’t be able to save anything.

Finally the colder than usual weather here has caused me to lose a ton of tshirts as I rolled them all up and lined the bottom of the windows trying to keep some of the cold out, its worked sort of but not to the extent that is needed, you’ve got to love those windows that have been there since the 50s. That’s right 1959ish.

Alright time to really go, and it has just dawned on me yet again that I don’t have a lunch so that makes it an even more exciting day. Maybe I’ll skip lunch and leave early so that I can crawl back into bed, or maybe get the exercising done early so that I can try to get some writing or more drawing done.


One Response to “It’s a Sad Day in the World Today”

  1. PocketRadio said

    Seems the RIAA just killed HD Radio:

    “Want to Kill HD Radio?”

    “Let’s say that radio companies have to start paying royalties on the music that they play. Even if it is a flat percentage of all revenue like other outlets are going to be charged, HD Radio streams would do nothing more than serve to drive up royalty payments for NAB members. The overwhelming majority of terrestrial listeners ARE NOT listening to HD Radio. Ads on HD Radio will be dirt cheap for a very long time. The HD streams may not be able to cover royalty on music from ad revenues. Do you think that Clear Channel will continue to pump money in to HD Radio equipment, expanding services and coverage if the payoff in the end is an INCREASE in copyright royalties and nothing more?”

    “RIAA Kills Sirius Satellite Radio, Destroys Value of Consumer Product” January, 23, 2008

    “RIAA has now pushed legislation through the house to protect content delivered through high-definition (HD) radio receivers.”

    HD Radio is a farce, anyway:

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