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Rants and Raves, all the stuff of Legend

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 5, 2008

So I’ve come to the realization that it would probably be beneficial to post with some regularity, yes I do post so I’m half way there, but I think that maybe I should post every ___day that way I keep some entries from going too long and also so there isn’t a real big break between entries. Actually I think that when reading a blog that is updated on a consistent basis readers are more likely to take notice of it.

So lets see what do I have to talk about today…

I picked up Professor Layton and the Curious Village over the weekend, and I decided to go gung-ho on it and try to play through the whole game. Well I did just that and I have to say that it was a bit of old school adventuring mixed with brainteasers/puzzles. I by no means got a perfect score in the game, even though I’m not sure what the hell I was collecting those things for anyways. It was my understanding that shit would happen if you had lots of the stuff, but I didn’t see one damn difference. I’m not going to give away the ending but I will tell you this, the game is meant to be a test to see if they can make lots of games based on the two main characters, Layton and his apprentice Luke. I personally think that we’ll be seeing more of those two.

My next topic… the Atlanta Hawks…

It has come to my attention that this should and will be the last season that Mike Woodson is the coach of the Hawks. If the team wants to win we’re going to need a coach who’s game plan is flexible and can use the strengths of the team. Seeing the Hawks last night get out scored by the Golden State Warriors was sickening. We played right into their hands. They don’t have any big men, and so what do we do, we keep our big men on the bench. The Hawks are almost a playoff team but if they play like they play the most of the time they’re going to see a quick exit.

Now for the randomness….

First off I hope that you’re impressed that I’ve at least attempted to break up the insane ramblings that I’m capable of.

I’d like a moment of silence for Gary Gygax one of the reasons there are RPGs out there, as well as one of the reasons my creation Crystals of Pryann is alive (well not right now its kind of slumbering until I can get back to it). I just ask you this one little thing, just don’t tell Dave Arneson that I’m talking about Gary. Dave is an interesting person, and I really wish that I had had the chance to meet him a little bit longer ago. He really is a shell of what he use to be, and it truly shows with his class at Full Sail. There are glimmers of that powerful mind that created so much, but most of the class is Story Time with Uncle Dave.

I’m slowly trying to learn how to use my ‘new’ laptop, I know that I posted on my ancient one a little bit ago, but I’ve already put that one back into ‘semi-retirement’. It just chugged when you used any application other than a word processor, and on top of that I can sometimes type fast as lightning and having to go back and edit something that I wrote because I missed a letter was painful because I had to wait for the text to actually show up before I could do anything about it. Oh and the other thing that it had going against it was the fact that little finger mouse in the middle of the keyboard is possessed.

If you haven’t heard of a band called Envy of the Coast, you need to. Its probably not for everyone, but I saw them as the opening band for the Saosin concert, although I didn’t actually see Saosin, I left, but they were really good. They had a strong stage presence and they also had some really good songs, I’m actually listening the shit out of the songs, which in plan english means that I’m playing their two albums on repeat.

I’ve started the story over again, well sort of its basically the same with some small changes here and there the biggest one being that the main character doesn’t have a name, will he have a name, only time will tell. I’m trying desperately to get the energy to really go head long into this and be able to maybe strengthen the backbone of Pryann so that I can get a bit more of a foothold for an adventure that can be set out using my pencil and paper rules and regulations.

Now as for the comic that still hasn’t appeared… its about on the same line as the story, I just need time. My biggest enemy on both of these projects is stress from the workplace, and being lazy as shit when I get home from work and just copping out and just watching TV.

I have the chance to do some work tonight, but that is if I don’t decide to go to Dunwoody. I could go up there and shoot some hoops, and help my dad out with some coaching, or I could go home and do my own thing. Decisions, decisions, I just can’t decide.

Well I think its almost official official that my working on this current project is almost over, I say almost because the porting house that is going to be making the extra version of the game are now trying desperately to break the game, and as a result bugs that I feel should have been caught in house and already taken care of are showing up in the open and its, in my opinion, making us look like bumbling idiots. We as a company would love to put this game to rest and focus on other projects, but then again we have to have other projects to focus on. Well one of us does, but I’m seriously thinking that that’s not going to happen with the constant barrage of bugs that keeps coming in.

We really need to, in my opinion, high ball the next 5 or 6 projects, bank the extra that we make and then seriously make an attempt at bringing everything in house, get some more testers, programmers, artists, and m0re competitive salaries. Gets some licenses and also start trying to go after original IPs. I think that this will not only truly put the company on the map, but it will also put our name out as a real power in the mobile games industry. The other thing that could be done is that we could try to do mobile and another platform, I’m not saying we should go after a PS3 title, or anything like that but there are other platforms that I think we could possible go after with our strong mobile background, mainly other portable platforms.

Alright well I’m going to end it here so that I can get something to drink, and maybe open up my laptop and start on my story seeing as I’m kind of in limbo until other workers get in so that they can unlock the code in the database so that there is no chance of overwriting each other’s code.

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