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Passing the Time

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 14, 2008

Well I know that I said I was done with the work posts, but I have a brief moment to take a breather so I figured that I’d post again, and I’m probably going to continue the trend for a bit well maybe longer than just a bit but we’ll see.

So this will be where it starts, the page where people will be coming to read my thoughts, I’ve thought about trying to narrow the scope so that I can narrow my scope, but I’m not completely sold on that just yet.

I think the hardest thing for me when it comes to reviews is that I am a bit critical of things, and I overly analyze the shit out things. This could be a good thing or a bad thing. I guess it all depends on how a reader takes what I’m writing about. I’m not afraid to voice the flaws that I see in games.

Lets start off with a game that’s been out there since September 2007, College Hoops 2K8. This of course is the type of game that comes out every year and a part of me says why the hell am I suckered into purchasing the newer release every year, but does that deter me, not in the least. I find it strange though that there are always audio glitches that will happen in the game after you’ve played through a couple of seasons. One such case is after playing 4 or 5 seasons I started to notice that the commentator would mention something along the lines of, “Wide open shot, and he hits the free throw.” there are many other examples but for the sake of saving you, the reader, from having to read about every single I’ll stop there. There are also other glitches, such as the half time coach clipboard tips. My team cannot shoot a three to save their lives so I’m constantly shooting shots close the basket but every single game I play I find that at half time the coach’s tip is to stop shooting down low we’re not making any of our shots. Ironically most of the time I’ve got a large lead at that point from doing just that. There are also some small graphical glitches, but you’re going to get those on any game. The one that I find amusing is that from time to time the fabric of the shorts will appear as if the side just got shoved into the player’s jock strap which in turn shows off a lot of leg. Overall though I find that the game is just what I need to cure a bit of the hunger and love for the game, seeing as my team rarely plays on TV (Winthrop Eagles).

I’d like to do more of that, and maybe even come up with a rating system so that I can clarify some of the finer points. Well I think I should probably get back to it for now, but know that I’m now on the move to try to piece something together. Hopefully I get my ass in gear a bit more outside the workplace and I can post and show off some stuff more often.

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