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Fourth Round of Apple Games

Posted by Altered Confusion on April 11, 2008

Dot Game
– This one you have to play on the Apple Product. Its the dot game in whic you have an 8×8 dot grid and you are trying to draw a lne from different dots ( left to right or up to down). The object of the game is to make squares, you only get to place one line down at a time, and if you do make a square you get to place another line down. This game allows for the user to be either blue or green, or play a two player game. There are two difficulty settings( I’m guessing Easy and Hard ). Overall I think this is a good game to play, I think that sometimes its a bit frustration trying to press between two dots to form a line, and the difficulty setting as well as the player select can sometimes have an undesired effect if you try to mess with them, such as the browser taking you back a page. ( 8.2 out of 10 ).

– This is a word game in which you get to choose a category and then you are given a bunch of letters that will form a word. If you get it right you get a congratulations, if you get it wrong you get a notification that you were wrong. At the end of the game the only way to advance to something else is to use the drop down category select again, also you can’t choose the same category again. If you do want the same category you have to change to a different one and then select the category again. ( 5.3 out of 10 )

– Its a matching game in which you are trying to make at least a match of three in a row. You are allowed to swap on piece with another that is touching it to do so. After each successful match the board will automatically be refilled with more pieces. I have to say that I wasn’t very impressed with the game, there was no animation what so ever. If you made a match magically all the pieces that are in the effected area teleported to their new place. ( 3.7 out of 10 )

– This game will only work correctly on the Apple Product. You are trying to stop the missles as they are coming across the screen. Shoot your shot to stop them before they go across the screen. I have to say the more I play the games the more I’m convinced that they are just trying to make crap games. This game was damn near impossible to play, half the presses on the screen that I made didn’t register, and the other half sometimes were delayed or appear slightly off. ( 2.1 out of 10 )

– This is another dot game, 8×8 grid. The difference is that there is no difficulty setting, there is no second player, there is no choosing colors, and to top it off you have to click on each dot with a screen this small its impossible. The web-app you can play, but you can’t on the Apple product. Also there is no ending to the game, the grid will be filled and there is no indication to who has won. ( game, again) ( 1.4 out of 10 )

Ninja Ropes Extreme
– You are a ninja who is falling through space, but you can save yourself by slinging ropes from cog to cog, but watch out for the gravity areas which will throw you in the direction that the arrow points. The game on the apple product at first seems a bit slow, but it doesn’t take long for you to feel that the speed is a good speed. I personally suck at this game, but I’m interested in getting better. There is a leadership board (Top 15) as well. ( 8.0 out of 10 )

– In this game you start off in a six sided grid in the shape of a hexagon. You and your opponent start with a color in each alternating corner. You can move each piece one two spots into an unoccupied spot causing an additional color to appear. If you place one of your colors next to an opponents all adjacent pieces turn to your color, and the same goes for your opponent. the game ends when all the spots are taken. ( 6.4 out of 10 )

Tic Tac Touch
– Another Tic Tac Toe game. This one seems to look better on the screen. It gives you the option of playing single player, or two player. You can also decided what you will be, who goes first, and the difficulty level of the computer opponent if in single player. The only problem with this version is that the new game option (after you’ve won) is located directly next to an ad so you might fat finger and do something other than start a new game. ( 6.8 out of 10 )

4inARow Touch
– Another Connect 4 clone. This one does feature the ability to choose single player, or two player, what color starts, and what color the player will use if playing single player, along with the difficulty of the computer in single player play. I’m impressed by this one because it does look like a connect four board, and it animates. ( 7.8 out of 10 )

Color Rush!
– It only took me ten minutes to figure out what the hell the instructions were talking about, but other than that now I understand. You and either an online opponent or a computer opponent are trying to capture as many colored spots as possible. You have a selection of colors at the bottom of the playing field select the color that is adjacent to your color to capture it, capture more colors than your opponent and win. If you select a color that has a bunch of the same color immediately around it you capture it as well. There is also a scoreboard to see how you stack up to the competition. ( 7.9 out of 10 )

– This is a puzzle game. You are given a 8 x 8 grid field where some of the grids are red, it is your task to select a red tile and a direction to move in, all tiles in that direction will either change from red to blue, or blue to red. At the bottom of the playing field you will notice the amount of moves it should take, as well as a new, reset, and solve the puzzle buttons. ( 6.3 out of 10 )

Drop the Duckies!
– This is a matching game where you have rubber duckies with different shirts on and you are trying to eliminate each cluster by clicking on them. The object of the game is remove all the duckies, also there has to be at least 2 of them next to each other when you click on a duckie. ( 5.1 out of 10 )

The Rubber Duckie Matching Game
– Its like the matching cards game from back in the day, you have 30 bubbles and behind each on is a duckie who has a match somewhere else. you can only see behind two bubbles at a time, once you’ve found the match both stay visible till the end of the game. ( 6.2 out of 10 )


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