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Wii Play Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on April 13, 2008

Sadly Wii Play is a great example of how Nintendo itself got caught up in the hype that was the release of the Wii. This is a collection of minigames, most of which are really worthless and are worth playing as a last result, or if you’re looking for something mindless. One good reason to have picked this up was to get the extra Wii-mote that came with it.

The graphics really vary in quality across all the games, for the most part I’d say that they are decent, and they seem to at least fit with the mini-game that they are apart of.

The controls are pretty much solid, the only complaint I have is when it comes to ping pong, I felt that that could have been done so much better. It is damn near impossible to just make contact with the ball most of the time. Also the pong game really doesn’t make the wii-mote power look pleasing.

Like stated before the games really range so to comment on the overall gameplay would probably cause more injury than raise peoples interest in the games. I’ll say this the game that I do play on Wii Play is the 9-Ball pool, the rest I really could care less about, but I’ll tell you that the tank game does seem alright, and the cow racing game can be fun for about a minute or two (that’s the duration of the race).

I wish I could give this high marks, but when I rate the game overall I have to give it a 4.6 out of 10.


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