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Microsoft wants some of Apple’s thunder

Posted by Altered Confusion on May 8, 2008

Microsoft in a recent announcement has confirmed that their XNA Studio will be able to create games that can be played on your Zune. XNA has been around for a little bit, but I think with the draw that Apple is getting for their game announcements for the i-pod touch and i-phone, Microsoft wants part of that action.

I hate to say this but it feels like another Zune fiasco. What I mean by that is that Apple does something and then Microsoft sits around for a bit and thinks about it, and then discovers that what Apple said is going to work and then they try to jump on the bandwagon and get something out quickly.

I am interested to know the extent of the functionality that the Zune will have, because they don’t have a touch screen, and I’m also curious to see if the games are only for the Zune 2.0 or if they will also work with the originals.

If you’d like a bit more information follow the link: XNA for Zune Games


One Response to “Microsoft wants some of Apple’s thunder”

  1. Harvey said

    Engadget has an article with a preview of games that will be coming to the Zunee. They have a video of a Zune spaceship-fighter game that looks like a crude version of the 2D game “Asteroids” that used to run on the Apple II in the 1970’s:

    Now compare this primitive 2D Zune game to this example of real-time 3D spaceship-fighter game that runs on the iPhone & iPod Touch:

    See any difference?

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