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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Officially Announced

Posted by Altered Confusion on May 30, 2008

Well at Ubisoft’s expo of sorts Beyond Good & Evil 2 was sort of revealed, but it was revealed in 3 pictures where you can see two of the characters that were in the first game. I have to say that this is really exciting, well it was until I found out a bit more about the game, which turns my joy into concern.

Because of the latest trend of casual gamers taking to video games, especially thanks to the Wii, which is still in high demand in the US thanks to the failing dollar and as a result the poor supply, the director for the game was stated as saying that this game will be created for the new generation of gamers. After suffering an abysmal commercial launch with the game, and the game really not taking off until later, thanks to an underground type of movement, the push is to make the game more casual and user friendly. I personally think by doing this there is a good chance that what was in the first that made it unique will be swept away and what will be left is another casual game that will once again drive the core gamers away. I probably will still pick it up when it comes out, but I think that a lot of the other gamers will wait to see reviews, demos, and trailers of gameplay before making a move.

I do understand that it is a matter of dollar signs, and right now the casual gaming market is a huge chunk of the pie, but there are games out there that appeal to the core gamers that are excelling in sales. A couple of examples, which are franchise games, but BGaE2 will make it a franchise/series: Super Smash Brothers, Grand Theft Auto, Halo, Condemned (which I still need to review), and SSX. I know its a risk to go that route, and with the economy as it is now I think I can forgive Ubisoft for the move, but I really hope that they don’t take too much of the complexity out of it and make it into a mindless game.


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  1. I was on Yahoo and found your blog. Read a few of your other posts. Good work. I am looking forward to reading more from you in the future.

    Tom Stanley

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