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Vader and Yoda to Travel to other Consoles Via DLC (Rumor)

Posted by Altered Confusion on July 30, 2008

Well I think the public has spoken on this issue, people want to see Yoda and Vader duke it out for who is the stronger fighter in SoulCaliber IV. After the announcement that Yoda would be on the XBox 360 side only, and Vader would then be exclusive to the PS3 many people’s hopes were dashed.

Now it hasn’t been 100% confirmed but the leaked info that’s travelling around right now hints at the chance of DLC (Downloadable Content) which would bring the exclusive characters over to the other console. I really hope its true, and I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it it’s not like they are trying to have Link show up on the XBOX360.

I think this rumor will probably come true also because in a world that is driven by money spending a little extra so that people can get what they want isn’t out of the question. We’ll see what happens, for now all we can do is hope.


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