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Apple I-Touch: Aurora Feint Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 4, 2008

Aurora Feint is probably the one game that you can get for free from the Application store that is both amazing and has already gone through contreversy. The best way to describe this game is as a puzzle RPG. You’ll be twisting your i-pod touch/i-phone different ways to try to make matches, and you too may get addicted to one of the fastest growing games out there.

you get to create a character and then its to the mines to level up the character, to get currency, and to get elements to try to build items. Once you have enough of the currency you can go to the store and buy blueprints for items that you can then use, or you can by a spell book to increase your powers with certain elements.

To be honest this game both intrigues me and confuses me. I’m intrigued because there is a multi-player option that I think could be sweet, but at the same time I’ve never tried it because of the scandal that went on with this game. Basically before the latest release it put your entire phonebook up on their server so that you could see if anyone on your list had the game and so that you could party together. The real problem was that some people didn’t know that was happening, and to top it off it was also being transmitted to the server with no encryption. I’m confused by the game because here I am making all these items, and yet I’m not exactly sure what the shield will do for me as the only options I have are to create blueprints, master spell books, buy blueprints, or mine elements.

The music is a bit errie, but it is fitting for the game.

The graphics look amazing when you are actually doing the puzzle portion of the game, and the movement that the pieces take as you turn your device looks crisp.

The controls feel really good on this as well. When you’re in the puzzle mode you’re only going to be able to move elements around from right to left, but if you rotate the device you will find that you’ll be able to move the elements what is now left and right.

You’ll also begin to see as your character gets leveled up special elements appearing that when combined in a match will do different things for you. Another thing is that to level up you have to create the item in the blueprint, maybe that’s the significance of each item, but I’m hoping that there is more that I’m just not aware of.

If you want a game that is free and feels like you got a steal then get this game you’ll find that you can get lost in the game and maybe just maybe you’ll find the enjoyment that so many others have already found. I give this game a 9.3 out of 10.

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Apple I-Touch: Apache Lander Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 4, 2008

Apache Lander is a game in which tilting your i-pod touch/i-phone will effect the decent and position of the helicopter as you try to land it on the landing pad.

To be quite honest I’m very glad this game is free because there’s no way that I’d pay for something like this. Perhaps this is not the type of game for me but I find this game frustrating and ultimately not worth my time as I’ve, in my mind, landed the helicopter several times only to see it go up in flames and the message APACHE DOWN splashed across the screen.

I guess for those who are willing to spend the time to truly get this thing down to an art there’s some enjoyment in finally landing the helicopter, but for most people I think they will stop trying well before they find success. This game gets a 4.9 out of 10 in my book.

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NCAA Football 2009 Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 4, 2008

NCAA College Football 09 comes at you with what makes the addictive for rabid sports fans the action and intensity of the sport. As you may have guessed this is the latest installation of College Football onto the console platform.

Right off the bat you get to choose your favorite team so that you can have your backgrounds plastered with pictures of that team, I just wish that you were able to control the fight song list that plays in the background as well. Actually there probably is a way but after searching for it for quite a while I have to say that they hid it well. You can added custom tracks (i.e. your own music into the game so that you can tune out the fight songs from all over the league).

EA has also kept in the mini-games and added the ability to play school mascot against school mascot. I find that quite entertaining as you see a sea of Aubies take on a sea of Ugas (Auburn v. University of Georgia).

The graphics look a bit crisper than the previous installation, and the players look a bit more unique from one another. There is still that way too scripted sideline reactions while playing, but I think most people will be happy to see the on field stuff over the off field stuff.

There are your different game modes for all types of fans. You have your exhibition mode, your dynasty mode (where you get to do recruiting, schedule building, and run the offense and defense), “College Super Star” mode (Basically you control one player, you only get to play the game when the player is on the field, if he’s not then you get to see the play by play of the game), and of course the online play (where you get to create tournaments and leagues and play against friends or against online opponents that happen to have the game).

I’m not really sure about the internet connectivity between platforms, I would think that there would be a good chance of playing someone from a different system, but you never know what the console owners have done behind the scenes with their code.

This installation also suffers from not really keeping track of late hits after a player has run out of bounds, and also after the quarterback gets hit. Its really a flip of a coin to get the roughing the passer called.

I would love to try to do a comparision between two college football games like there once were, but sadly EA is the powerhouse that has the control so this is it for those college football fanatics who not only love thier team but want to be there team, and maybe just maybe change the outcome of some of the games that were lost in the regular season. This game gets an 8.9 out of 10.

* update *

If you have a SD TV like myself you may see some distortions when it comes to routes as you play through the game, which I find quite annoying but if you know the play already or you know what you’re going to be doing that isn’t really the play then you’ll be in the same boat as me and you’ll ignore the lines for a couple of plays until they straighten out for a bit, and then later return to distortion.

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