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A new Kingdom Hearts is Coming

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 6, 2008

It would appear that Square-Enix isn’t quite ready to say goodnight to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, and why should they it is one of the my popular when it comes to mixing RPG elements, which is their fortay, with Disney characters.

So keeping that in mind let me introduce you to the latest game, sadly its going to go to the DS, Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. I’m not sure of the title I’m thinking that someone thought 358/2 Days sounds cooler than 179 Days, but that’s just me. You will be taking the story from Roxas instead of Sora this time and will be able to see what Organization XIII is all about seeing as that’s where the story is going to go according to sources.

If you must know this game’s story will take place between Chain of Memories (GBA) and Kingdom Hearts II.

The interesting thing will be to see how Square-Enix overcomes the lack of buttons in this 3D game, but knowing their track record with games I’m sure that this game will once again blow the competition out of the water.

Currently the only release date for the game is the Japan one which is slated for Winter 2008.

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