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Turner Giving up on GameTap

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 6, 2008

Turner has decided to part ways with their online video game service, GameTap. I can’t say that this is that big of a surprise, to me at least. The basis of GameTap is that you can play a couple of games for free but be careful because sometimes the games will become the kind you need to subscribe to use. Also you had to play all games through a piece of software that GameTap provided you with. There were also times where they’d have a game you wanted to play and then it would be pulled or changed for some reason or another.

Most of the games available on the service really went after the nastalgia effect. There were plenty of games from the original PlayStation, Sega Genesis, PC platform, etc. I just don’t think that people really were that crazy about playing games that came from all different systems on their computer in a confined program.

It will be interesting to see what GameTap’s next move will be seeing as they will no longer have the financial backing that Turner provided them with. I personally think that GameTap will ride into the sunset, and maybe a couple people some years from now will simply remember the name of GameTap.

I have no problem with GameTap, never did, I just never saw that company as something that would last, or a service I’d be interested in. I guess in the end I was sort of right.

*update *

So Turner has simply put ties with GameTap and the show will go on for them, I guess I just voiced my thoughts about the service and thought it would disappear, but I was wrong. This thing is still alive and well and will be continuing to get new content and trying to satisfy the customer base that they have in place.

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