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Apple I-Touch: I Am Rich Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 8, 2008

So apparently there was this app that was on the Apple I-Tunes Application store called I Am Rich. It is a completely useless application that basically shows that you are indeed rich.

The application in its entirety is a red glowing gem that sits on your screen. The pricetag for said application was $999.99, the highest price you could set for an application on Apple’s site.

The truly remarkable thing is that a total of 8 people actually downloaded it. Which means that the sole programmer got to walk away with $5600 (70% of the profits), 30% of the profits goes to Apple who walked away with $2400.

As to why the application was pulled by Apple, that is still a mystery, but as to the reason why it was made the programmer says “The App is a work of Art” so I’m guessing he saw it as like selling a painting or something along those lines.

0.2 out of 10 for the Application
10 out of 10 for originality and getting away with it for the programmer.

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