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Sierra Entertainment to fade into the Sunset

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 8, 2008

A studio that has been around my entire life has apparently been given the nod to fade into oblivion as the Blizzard Activision merger seems to sink in. Sierra Entertainment, Inc., a studio that brought us the highly popular series of Kings Quest, Space Quest, Police Quest, Quest for Glory, Leisure Suit Larry, and so many many more is apparently done ending on what many will see as a sour note as their last release The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon King which is probably not going to do all that well.

I have so many fond memories of sitting in my dad’s lap trying to help him navigate Roger Wilco (Space Quest) around many different worlds trying to save in the universe, and also trying to beat the game before some family friends. Those where the good old days, and they sadly are gone.

I have to say that as of late I did feel like Sierra had been putting itself into a more of a publishing role, but the games that they created will not be forgotten, at least not by me.

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