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Something new for something old

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 14, 2008

In a world of very expensive systems and games, where companies have been reduced to making only a couple really good titles instead of flooding the market with long shot projects, there is a company that sees profit for a console that has been dead for quite a while. Let me introduce you to the next Dreamcast game, Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles. A Two man team has decided to recreate this game and give it a bit of flash and put it on the Dreamcast.

They were quoted saying, “Well, it’s a nice console with a dedicated fanbase. When I was younger, I would be extremely grateful when a Super Famicom (SNES) title arrived very late in its life, as it felt more like a tribute than a big commercial project. Many Dreamcast users around the world are really excited about this release! And the market, especially in Japan, is big enough to make it very profitable, which doesn’t hurt one bit!

On a more techie side, the DC is very robust, and supports true 240p RGB, which provides the definite 2D arcade experience. The controller suits the game perfectly, and there are practically no load times. There is also VGA and Arcade Stick support, so you can truly play this game any way you want on DC!”

I have to say that this is quite a surprise, and to be honest with you I wish that there were more people out there that were willing to do this. I know that the big name companies need to stay ahead of the times and have to work on the next best thing, but for those people out there that love their system, such as a Dreamcast, I think it would be amazing if they were able to do some internet shopping and grab a new game for their system. Now I know that this game is just a puzzle game but I’m sure there are people out there that if they were able to get their hands on a Dreamcast, PlayStation, XBOX development kit that they’d give to the masses some sweet games that could be sleeper hits. Independent game creation is something that I truly believe in and I think what has just happen rocks my socks off and should happen more often.

Here’s the link to the actual website for the game, now of course the game is in Japanese but the concept fo doing something like that is easy to see.

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