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Sony Announces Wireless Keypad coming to PS3

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 20, 2008

Sony has announced that they will be adding a wireless keypad with mouse support to the PS3. I find this kind of funny because you have to use the mini-usb port to allow the keypad to function. Think about it, a wire that has to be plugged in to the controller. I wonder why they didn’t just go for a seperate peripheral all together. I’m also curious to see what this move will allow for games. Is this a sign that Sony will be trying to pull out the big guns and see if they can’t get an MMO or two to jump on their console?

This could also be a move to make HOME an easier place to communicate in, that is if HOME ever officially comes out. Right now HOME seems to be in an ever going BETA, but the keypad could equate into the functionality, as well as the mouse so that you won’t have to use the analog sticks to move an arrow around the screen.


This is a prototype of what could be to come, and if this is the design that comes out I would have to say that Sony is definitely on the right track. Hugging around the controller, giving it a bit more weight, but not having wireless or the keypad dangling off your controller really does scream functionality for MMOs and HOME.  If that is the ultimate case I can feel my wallet already getting lighter.

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