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Archive for August 26th, 2008

Runes of Magic

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 26, 2008

Interested in more gaming news, then follow the link to the new site.

So there appears to be a new MMO coming into existence, one that, as developers put it, takes the best of all of their favorite MMOs and wraps it up into one. The name of the game is Runes of Magic, and right now they are having sign ups for their Beta. As far as I know this bad boy is free to play but I’d be interested in finding out what the overall plan will be.

Now on the outside this game is your very nice 3D MMO affair which, according to the screenshots, looks as if the graphics of WOW and LoTRO mated. The character models look on par with what you’d expect from all the front runners in the MMO RPG world.

Now not too much is really known about the actual gameplay, but I’m guessing that its going to be more than a simple point and click game. There is also a nice piece of info about having dual classes. Now I for one would love a priest who can use stealth and backstab, but that’s just me.

If you are one of those out there who are always looking for the chance of joining the next greatest thing in the MMO world then check this place out, even though they are from a foreign land, and some of the translations don’t make perfect sense.

The website is decked out with information on the classes you can be, the regions you can visit, the lore of the land, and so much more. So hop on over to the site listed below, but know one thing from my understanding they are only taking a set amount of applicants so hopefully all my readers will be the ones, along with hopefully myself, who get to take this game out for a test drive.

Interested in more gaming news, then follow the link to the new site.

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Trace Memory Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on August 26, 2008

Trace Memory was one of those games that didn’t get as much publicity as I think it deserved. The game is a 3D third-person Mystery game. You are stuck on an island looking for those who have disappeared and trying to solve mysteries as you go along. A game that plays much like this one but in first person would be Myst, though this game has no where the length that a Myst would have.

The graphics are your standard DS affair. It is done in a cel-shaded fashion and overall the backdrops that you’ll see when entering a room (in the top screen) look picture quality.

The overall game play I found was entertaining and rewarding. There are a couple of small things that can happen in the game that you’ll probably miss so the chances of finishing the game off 100% are pretty slim, but being able to regain the memories lost and being able to conquer the mystery that surrounds the area that you are in is worth the play.

You are going to play the part of Ashley, a girl who until recently thought her parents dead, but she gets a package with a wierd device in it and a summons to an island. Once at the island you’ll find a ghost who has lost all his memories and with your help he will be able to discover how he came to be a ghost. In order to do that you’re going to be solving puzzle after puzzle finding items hidden throughout the game, and hopefully in the end you’ll have gained enough knowledge on ‘D’, the ghost, that he will be able to go to his resting place. You will also be trying to find what ever happened to your parents, and why you received that package.

I know that this is an older DS game and as such probably extremely difficult to find, but if you want a game that gives you some challenge along with a bit of mystery, but doesn’t take you a year and a half to finish then this is the game for you. I give this game an 8.2 out of 10.

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