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Resistance 2 Dated and detailed

Posted by Altered Confusion on September 2, 2008

Resistance 2 is almost upon us. Sony has revealed the release date of November 4th, with a public beta for co-op play starting in early October. Want in on the action before the game’s release well here are 3 ways to do so.

1. Pre-order the game at GameStop
2. Get an annual subscription to Qore (Sony’s Digital Magazine thingie on PSN)
3. Get episode 3 of Qore

The collector’s edition priced at $79.99 will include the game, making of videos, a book filled with game art, and a statuette. Seeing as I’m still sitting on the first game I’m not really one to say go and get the second one, but if the popularity is a sign this is something, if you are a FPS fan, you might want to get. I’ve heard that out of all the seemingly flop-ish release titles this one didn’t suffer from that disorder. Though the first did create controversy with its cathedral that was almost detail for detail a true landmark that the church frowned upon seeing as demons and guns were being used inside of it in the game. Well maybe we’ll see some more of that this time around, how about a business building done to perfection, or a playground?


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