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Calling of the Big Guns

Posted by Altered Confusion on September 25, 2008

With the desire to get as much on my site as I can I have asked for the help of some friends to write about games that they’ve enjoyed, or are currently playing. This will give readers a chance to read about even more games that are out there to get.

You’re also going to see more reviews for older games, I apologize for this, but I feel that even older games need some love. I know that some of these games are going to be damn near impossible to find, and there is also the fact that by doing this I’m pushing some of the more recent games off the front page, but I’m willing to do it just so people can feel some of the love I have for games.

I’m shooting for a new comic tonight, for those of you out there that read the page. I’m also going to do more posts like this from time to time because I like to write, and as much as it is a shock to everyone, I’m not going to talk strictly games 24/7. Well maybe 20/6.5 but that’s it.


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