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Level 5 Just Keeps on Giving

Posted by Altered Confusion on September 25, 2008

So it would appear that Level 5 is very busy with the portable gaming market right now. They of course announced the colaberation with Studio Ghibli, but they apparently are also creating a PSP RPG by the name of Ushiro, as well as a Soccer RPG called Inazuma Eleven for the DS. I have to say that I’m getting more and more excited now that I see Level 5 cranking out what seems to be some sweet looking games.


This is a RPG in which you, the player, will be stepping into the shoes of a shinigami, or Death God. It will be your task to battle the evil monster plaguing the world, as well as grant people’s wishes.

Inazuma Eleven

This is a sequel Soccer RPG which will have you once again don your cleats and go through a linear storyline, but this time around there will be an alien team in your path. How will you fair, only you can decide.

So here’s to some good excitement coming out of Japan. Sadly there are no release dates for any of these, and if there are they’re probably just the Japanese dates. When the state dates appear I’ll definitely be posting them up.

By the way, this is the same team that is currently working on White Knight.


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