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Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles Next Chapter Revealed

Posted by Altered Confusion on October 1, 2008

For those of you that are interested in information revolving around the sub series of Final Fantasy games, Crystal Chronicles, Shonen Jump (a Japanese Magazine) has revealed that the sequal, Echoes of Time is on its way. The Japanese release date for it si January 29th, which if my math is correct would place the US version probably at June 2009. There will be two versions that will be released at the same time. One for the Wii, and one for the DS. The rumor is that players will be able play simultaneously using both systems. Also the use of a player’s Mii character can be used on the DS, which makes me wonder if this is a way to allow for character customization.

Once again I’ve opened up a can of worms on this one. I wonder if you’ll just have your drabbly dressed Mii running around in the game or if you’re going to be able to pimp them out with Final Fantasy gear. I would really hope that that is how its going to go. Also with the possibilty of playing both the DS and the Wii version at the same time are we thinking Wi-Fi connectivity? Are players going to have to be on the same network or will they be able to adventure over the internet? Is this Square-Enix’s secret way of testing out the waters for an MMO for the Wii?

One can only hope. It is my experience that players, such as myself, have very lofty dreams, and if those realities even get close to those dreams we’re talking serious bucks for the developer and publisher, and very happy players.

I’m sure there will be more to this story as time goes on, but for now the sky is still the limit with the combination of the Wii and DS connectivity.


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