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No Price Drop for PS3s this Holiday Season

Posted by Altered Confusion on October 29, 2008

For those of you out there that have been dying to get a PS3 game to play, but you need a PS3 to play it, but you’re waiting for it to come down in price a little bit. I have some bad news. Sony has announced that there will be no price drop for the holiday season. The best I can figure is that they believe that the demand will be such that people will get the system price drop or not, so why drop the price when they’ll already be making money. This will also help out the stockholders in the company as profits will go up.

Well I once again have to take a stand about this. I’m sorry but other than a few games for the PS3 there’s no real reason to buy one right now. I know that back in the day there was a rush on them because they were, at the time, the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market, but that’s no longer the case. Most of the “overly amazing” games that you can play on the PS3 you can play on another platform as well, and chances are you probably already have that platform, so why buy a new one along with the $60 game.

As I’ve stated before I think that Sony will continue to struggle for console dominance during this generation, they got into the game too late, and the game selection is small, and a bunch of the games are either multi-platformed, or aren’t very good. I am excited about the further connectivity that will occur between the PS3 and the PSP, but I don’t think that you’re going to be seeing the PS3 out-pacing the Wii or the 360.

Another thing that Sony has going against them is the fact that there are still a ton of developers that are trying to push their games onto their last generation system, the dominant PS2. Also there has been news circulating that they are openning up the platform. Developers will still need the dev kit, which I’m sure is about a fifth of the PS3 kit cost, but they will no longer have to pay the additional fee. I can see this being a great move, but also a dangerous one as this will open up certain locations to an avalanche of shovel-ware.


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