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Apple I-Touch: Trace Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on November 10, 2008


If you are looking for a free game in which you can change the level just by a movement of your finger, then I’ve got a game for you. Trace, a game in which you will be trying to get your little red man across the level by drawing platforms and jumping, will test your intellect as you come up with inventive ways to win.

The graphics are very simplistic, to be honest it looks like a kid just made it with a box of crayons, but to my surprise its not the graphics that make this game. You’ll see several different levels, a fire area, a water area, and more.

The controls for the most part are solid, you’ll be able to use your finger to create and erase platforms for you little man. You’ll also get to control your little man with the arrow keys. Sometimes the placement of your finger and where the line actually draws is a bit off and that can be a bit frustrating, but once you’ve gotten a handle of where you need to touch the game becomes very playable.

The sounds I really don’t care for so I usually play this game with no sound.

The game is solid once you’ve got a handle on how things work. There will be some levels that will infuriate you and then there will be levels which will make you feel like they were just trying to fill a quota. The truth is that this game has a ton of levels to mess around with and once you start playing and getting a handle on things you’re going to want to beat the game, and if you accomplish that you’re going to be thirsting for more. I give this game an 8.2 out of 10.

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