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DC Universe Online sort of has a release date

Posted by Altered Confusion on December 3, 2008


For those out there looking for the next Super Hero MMO and think that City of Heroes isn’t enough it looks like DC Universe Online is starting to come together. Sadly this game isn’t reportedly close to release, but it is good to here someone working on it say that he believes that the game should be ready by late 2009 or early 2010.

The real interesting development in my opinion is the fact that this game is slated for not only the PC but for the PS3 as well. There was no mention of the XBOX360. I’m guessing it is because the PS3 and the PC are so closely related in certain factors. Hopefully there won’t be glaring differences between the two when they finally come out.

In DC Universe I’m not exactly sure how the character creation works, but word is that you’ll be meeting all the heroes and villains, those who are easily identifiable, and those who are truly obscure. That fact should have those true DC buffs drooling as they will finally be able to interact with the likes of the Metal Men, or the Doom Patrol.

I guess we’ll see if this will be a worthy foe for the MMOs that will be out at that time. I personally might just give this game a glance, I can’t say I’m a huge DC fan, but it will be interesting how it is all put together.


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