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Puzzle Quest coming to I-pod

Posted by Altered Confusion on December 23, 2008


The phenomena that is Puzzle Quest has now come to the I-pod phone and touch. This game has appeared on, what seems like, every given platform out there. You will be playing as a warrior that will be battling different monsters and creatures by playing a puzzle game. Believe me when I say that the DS version and PC version which are the same thing but just slightly different took complete control over my gaming. 

D3 has announced that Puzzle quest will be released in 3 different chapters, each will be priced around $9.99. There has been no word on if these will all be original or if they will be ports of the game. I personally think it would suck if you put $30 into a game that you may have beaten in its entirety before only because you’re afraid you might be missing out on something new and cool. 

From some of the screenshots this game looks like a prettier version of the DS version, but we’ll see what actually happens.


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