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Spore Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 20, 2009


Spore is the latest and greatest invention to come out of Will Wright’s head. This game was delayed several times, but the following and need for this game would not go away. You will be in control of your own creation from the primordial ooze to intergalactic conquest. You will be able to give your creation as many arms, legs, mouths, eyes, etc that you can afford. This is a true god game, and no wonder different religious groups wanted the game banned. The one thing that this game has going against it is something at the control of the publisher, EA, so we’re not going to bring the game down because of that.

The graphics really depend on what your computer has. My video card is one from the bargain bin, but it does get the job done. No matter the card though you’re going to see the unique creations that Maxis put in as well as other players. I say other players because while connected to the internet you’re game pulls in on a certain database that will populate your world with either creations of Maxis, or other players. You have the power to create and refine your race with a robust toolset. You’ll also be able to create buildings and vehicles.

The music sounds like it is taken out of a Sims game, and I find myself turning it down a bit. The sounds are what really bother me. It feels like they took the garbled mumbling of the Sims and just made it more ridiculous. It seems cool for the first couple encounters, but as time progresses you may find yourself wanting to smack your creation to shut them up.

The controls change as you progress through the game, and for the most part are intuitive. That is until you get to the space exploration part, when all you want to do is rotate the camera, not your ship to get a better look at something.

As stated previously this is a game where you will be creating a race of your creation. You’ll decide on whether it will be a carnivore, herbivore, or omnivore. You will help decide if your race is aggressive, economical, or religious. All your actions throughout the game will change your race’s future, and will make for a unique experience almost ever time.

This game may not be for everyone, and there are times where you are trying to go a different path, but find that with what you have you can’t change your route in history too much. Stages are all different sizes, and take different times. I personally think that certain stages I wish could last longer, and there are others that I wish could be shortened. The odd thing about this game is that there are apparently random achievements that just pop up during the game, though what they do I have never been able to find out. If you’ve been interested in this game, I recommend that you do indeed get it. I give this game a 9.1 out of 10.



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