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Free Radical may have a New Owner

Posted by Altered Confusion on February 4, 2009


Is it possible that Free Radical, the group that brought us the TimeSplitter series, may have just been scooped up by another company. The rumor is that Crytek, the company that brings you Crysis and FarCry, may have decided to take on Free Radical.

No official announcement has been made, so this may all be simply speculation, but it would be great to see the TimeSplitters series continued. As well as, it would be interesting to see what happens to the other IPs that Free Radical has. I’m sure something more concrete will come out as the day goes along so be sure to check back, as when we here something new we’ll post it.

** UPDATE  **

It would appear that the story is breaking everywhere which leads me to believe that it truly is happening. It is also reported that 40 jobs were saved by this purchase. So here’s to TimeSplitters 4.


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