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AudiBall Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on February 5, 2009


Audiball comes to the XBOX Live Community Games section courtesy of Indiecisive Games. It is a game that is meant to be played with a guitar peripheral, but you can play it with the regular XBOX360 controller as well.

The graphics are very simplistic for this game, you’ve got some pac-man-esque looking objects that are color coded, and you will experience different obstacles that don’t really scream at you. The controls as stated before are based around the guitar, so you’re going to be holding the colored button and then strumming. If you use the controller you’re going to be pressing the corresponding colored button and then using the analog stick to do the part of the “strum”.The music and sound are really simplistic and once again just like the graphics aren’t really going to wow you.

Basically this game is all about timing and in some cases getting lucky. What you are trying to do is get these balls from this grey pac-man-esque shape to the first color, you will then have a timer showing how much longer the balls will stay on that colored shape. You will have to press the color and then strum to release the balls to the next colored shape. If you press the wrong color and strum that color goes grey and it won’t catch the balls ( This is not always a bad thing). You will have a limited amount of time to get all the balls from the starting place to this vortex/black hole looking thing. Get enough in and you will advance in level.

This game is interesting, I wouldn’t say it bowls me over with uniqueness, but it could definitely be something to do if I want to play for just a bit and then go play something else. All the levels aren’t all that long (time wise), I highly recommend using the guitar and trying to get 5 balls at least each time you move from one color to another. Being a community game this game isn’t going to see much of a spotlight, but I would recommend it to those looking for something slightly different, and interesting. This game gets a 7.3 out of 10.



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