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Dark Void Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 10, 2011

The game Dark Void was created by Airtight games, and released on the major consoles. The best way to describe the plot of this game is that it is “The Rocketeer” meets “The Matrix.” The story takes place in the 1930’s where meet our main character Will. When we meet Will, he is flying a cargo plane in the Caribbean when he is sucked into the Bermuda Triangle, which the game calls “the Void.” Once in the void Will and his companion Ava come under attack from a group of Aliens called the Watchers.  These Aliens came from outer space to control earth, but eventually the humans banished them to the void where they are stuck, but not really stuck. As the plot continues we learn the Watchers are the European Fascists trying to take over the world. As the game progresses will and Ava help out groups of humans in the void where Will is given a rocket pack (the Rocketeer) to fly around the void and help save the humans. Later we learn that Will is “the one” (the Matrix) and he is supposed to stop the Watchers. This plot is not original at all. The most original part of the plot is that it takes place inside the Bermuda Triangle.

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