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Gran Turismo 5 Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 10, 2011

I am not a car guy. I can’t change my own oil, or rotate my tires. I just know that every 3,000 to 5,000 miles I need my oil changed and tires rotated. Just because I am not a car guys does not mean that I do not find cars fascinating. The yearly trip to the auto show with my family is always something to look forward too. Gran Turismo 5 is my yearly trip to the auto show anytime I want. Gran Turismo 5 was many years in the making. Dubbed the real driving simulator, GT5 does not fail at realism. The cars look, sound, and drive just like the real thing. As a player you can sit down behind the actual dashboards of a Ferrari, or Aston Martin (just like James Bond, but without the cool gadgets). GT5 strives for accuracy and nails it.

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  1. I just added this website to my bookmarks. I like reading your posts. Thanks!

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