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Bastion Impression

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 21, 2011

Bastion is a game created my Supergiant Games, a bunch of ex-EA people and others who decided to risk it all to make the game of thier vast imaginations. In this game you’re going to be controlling a character that will have the world literally form and fall away from you before your very eyes. It will be your task to take your character through the levels and survive the attacks and obstacles.

Want more of the story, then head over to the Main Site.


One Response to “Bastion Impression”

  1. the way you connect with your readers through your posts is amazing,be it a video,image or a post, you seem to exactly know what fits in the criteria.beleive me i read 10’s of blogs every week, but your posts are quite engrossing than the rest. I just hope you continue writing and updating this blog!

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