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Hi-Rez Studios Announces New Game

Posted by Altered Confusion on May 2, 2011

The Atlanta studio, Hi-Rez, has just announced a new game for the free-to-play online arena. The game is SMITE, and you’ll be playing in a God vs. God DOTA type environment.

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Ubisoft Reveals Kinect Fighting Game

Posted by Altered Confusion on April 13, 2011

Ubisoft has been rumored to be working on a fighting game that utilizes the Kinect and your avatar, and it looks like we’ve finally got some concrete evidence as they have officially announced PowerUp Heroes.

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Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 23, 2011

From TellTale Studios come a puzzle game that deals in both mystery as well as unique puzzles. You will be playing the roll of Nelson Tethers, an individual who is a master at puzzles, and through the game you’re going to prove just that. You have finally received a field assignment and must venture off to a rural town to solve the mystery of the eraser factory.

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Azkend Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 23, 2011

Azkend is a puzzle game for the Apple iPod/iPhone/iPad in which you will follow a path through a mountainous region solving puzzles as you go. In the basic sense you’ll be charged with trying to play a matching game with hex shaped pieces. Your objective is to turn all the hexes blue and then have the item that will appear fall off the bottom of the level, do that and you can advance. Do that really well and you’ll gain a star rating for the level.

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EA Sports Games to No Longer Have Manuals

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 23, 2011

EA has announced that they will be stopping the placement of game manuals in EA Sports game titles from here on out. Now of course one has to ask, well how the hell do I know what the new controls are? Well you’ll be getting those from tutorials and the option menu.

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Bethesda Softworks’ next project goes to the I-Phone

Posted by Altered Confusion on February 7, 2009


Reveal at New York Comic Con was the announcement of one of Bethesda Softworks’ next projects, an Apple I-Phone game. Bethesda is the latest in the ever growing laundry list of big name developers to try their hand at creating a game for the latest and greatest platform from Apple.

There was no word of exactly what the game would be or when to expect it, but apparently the game is getting created. This won’t be Bethesda’s first attempt at creating a mobile game, as they have already created an Elder Scrolls game for Java-enabled phones, as well as the ever never so popular Nokia N-gage.

When more information comes available we’ll be sure to give you, the reader, the update.

Interested in more gaming news, then follow the link to the new site.

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Street Fighter players get a Chance to Strut their Stuff

Posted by Altered Confusion on February 6, 2009


If you are a Street Fighter enthusiast and want to show off your skills GameStop and Capcom are going to help you make that a reality. In one of the US’s biggest tournaments you will be facing off in 3 rounds of competition to see who will bring home the prize. The prize of course being a Street Fighter Arcade Cabinet, and if you are a gamer out there, who would not want that rocking out in your house, where you can be the envy of all your friends. This being especially important seeing the strength of the actual Arcade is definitely in the decline in the states.

So here’s the deal, there are 2,419 participating GameStop locations in which these things will take place (list). You’ll be playing the XBOX360 version, I’m not sure how many rounds you’ll get to play or if it will be single elimination. The winner and runner up from your location will get a chance to move on to the next round. From there you’ll have to do it again, and then you’ll be going to the finals, win that and the cabinet is yours. Afraid you might fall short, well according to GameStop it looks like you’ll be able to get some sort of shwag just for showing up.

I personally will be in attendence at one of the locations (Perimeter Mall), so maybe I’ll see some of you out there. Just look for the Altered Confusion t-shirt.

The competition will start Feb. 21 @ 2 PM, the second round will be Feb 28 @ 2 PM, and the Final round March 14 @ 2 PM.

For all the details listed and more go to the GameStop site.

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AudiBall Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on February 5, 2009


Audiball comes to the XBOX Live Community Games section courtesy of Indiecisive Games. It is a game that is meant to be played with a guitar peripheral, but you can play it with the regular XBOX360 controller as well.

The graphics are very simplistic for this game, you’ve got some pac-man-esque looking objects that are color coded, and you will experience different obstacles that don’t really scream at you. The controls as stated before are based around the guitar, so you’re going to be holding the colored button and then strumming. If you use the controller you’re going to be pressing the corresponding colored button and then using the analog stick to do the part of the “strum”.The music and sound are really simplistic and once again just like the graphics aren’t really going to wow you.

Basically this game is all about timing and in some cases getting lucky. What you are trying to do is get these balls from this grey pac-man-esque shape to the first color, you will then have a timer showing how much longer the balls will stay on that colored shape. You will have to press the color and then strum to release the balls to the next colored shape. If you press the wrong color and strum that color goes grey and it won’t catch the balls ( This is not always a bad thing). You will have a limited amount of time to get all the balls from the starting place to this vortex/black hole looking thing. Get enough in and you will advance in level.

This game is interesting, I wouldn’t say it bowls me over with uniqueness, but it could definitely be something to do if I want to play for just a bit and then go play something else. All the levels aren’t all that long (time wise), I highly recommend using the guitar and trying to get 5 balls at least each time you move from one color to another. Being a community game this game isn’t going to see much of a spotlight, but I would recommend it to those looking for something slightly different, and interesting. This game gets a 7.3 out of 10.


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Apple I-Touch: Rick Rocketson Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 11, 2009


Rick Rocketson is a 2-D platformer for the apple i-phone and i-pod touch. You are, to the best of my ability, some crazy space guy in a tin can suit. You have a blaster gun, as well as the ability to throw grenades. You will be traversing level after level trying to collect items and keys.

The controls are what make this game, or I should say break this game over its knee and effectively kill the momentum that builds in the game. You can either have the controls shown on the screen (probably the best option), or you can basically tap on the screen and pray that the character does what you were expecting them to do. The real problem is that even with the controls on the screen you’re going to find that fat fingering is going to kill you time and time again.

The graphics makes it look like a semi-early flash game.

The music sounds like an early PC game.

This game could have been a really good one to have if there was some way to make the controls a bit tighter, but as it stands unless you want to put in the time to thoroughly master the controls you’re going to put this game aside. Rick Rocketson gets a 6.4 out of 10.


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Apple I-Touch: Topple Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 11, 2009


Topple is a stack’em puzzle game where you’ll be given different shapes to stack on top of each other trying to reach the goal line, and if you can do that then you can aim for the bonus line. This game is for the apple i-phone and i-pod touch.

The graphics are not going to dazzle you, but they don’t have to. Each block has its own personality which is shown with their faces.

The sound is pretty basic all you really need is some background music, and that’s what you get.

The controls are simple. You can at any time pick up a piece by touching the screen where that piece resides, you can also place a second finger that can then be moved which will rotate the piece. Another thing that you can do is you have the ability to quickly move the piece off the screen to get rid of it, as well as tilt the device a little bit which will cause the pieces to move.

There are different levels with different heights to achieve, as well as different bases, where you’ll be placing the blocks. This game is something I can see myself playing for a bit when I have a need to play something quick. I don’t think this game really has that much staying power on my touch though, I think once I’ve gotten through all the levels I’ll be moving on to other games and leaving this one in the wind. As a result this game gets a 7.3 out of 10.

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