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South Korea Passes Curfew Law

Posted by Altered Confusion on May 2, 2011

I vaguely remember reading and writing about how the Korean government was going to try to institute a curfew for younger gamers. Well this law has officially passed, and now its time to get down to the bare bones of this thing. Basically this law is going to institute a curfew, midnight to 6 AM, for all children under the age of 15 from playing online games.

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Telltale Games Announces Next Episodic Adventure

Posted by Altered Confusion on April 21, 2011

Even though this TV series is literally in its infancy, it would appear that NBC is willing to kick it up a notch a sign Telltale Games up for a game based on their new Dick Wolf series Law and Order: LA. This series will start coming out late this year for the PC, MAC, and other platforms.

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Runic Games Announces Plan for Torchlight MMO

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 23, 2011

Well at least there is some intelligence out in the world. Runic Games has announced that they will not be trying to put into place a subscription plan. They know that its probably not worth trying to go head-to-head against the juggernaut that is World of Warcraft.

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Bastion Impression

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 21, 2011

Bastion is a game created my Supergiant Games, a bunch of ex-EA people and others who decided to risk it all to make the game of thier vast imaginations. In this game you’re going to be controlling a character that will have the world literally form and fall away from you before your very eyes. It will be your task to take your character through the levels and survive the attacks and obstacles.

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TellTale Games to Release Episodic Walking Dead Game

Posted by Altered Confusion on February 18, 2011

Once upon a time there was this very well done comic called the Walking Dead. Then came this amazingly done show that was filled right in my neck of the woods of Atlanta, GA.

want more of the story? Just click the link to view the whole thing on the Main Altered Confusion Website.

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Posted by Altered Confusion on February 11, 2009

Altered Confusion has now officially moved. If you are arriving here from and would like to continue to view the updates from the site please go to

If you are using the RSS feed for the WordPress site, please go to the above address and get the new RSS feed so that you can be kept up to date with the happenings.

Its been a long couple of days but we finally have the site up and running, there’s still work to be done, but we feel confident enough for the public to see it. So go on over and check it out. We also have the first podcast up.

Speaking of Podcasts you can also check us out on I-tunes, that’s right, we’ve got an approved podcast that you can download for free. The first podcast is basically me (Charlie, Altered Confusion, etc) talking with the prolific commenter, Zealeus.

The RSS Feeds are broken down on the new site in the following way:

– News
– Reviews
– Comics
– Podcasts

Hope to see you on the new site, and thanks for the support WordPress, but it is time to move on to another site.

– Charlie

PS: Depending on how fast it goes the URL may or may not work immediately, but soon you’ll be connected to the new site, and all of its features.

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Amazon to get into the Digital Distribution Ring

Posted by Altered Confusion on February 3, 2009


It would appear that Amazon has decided to throw their hat into yet another ring, this time its all about digital distribution gaming market. They are now showing an open-beta, and they’re showing lots of casual games, for now.

There will be a client that will need to be downloaded prior to starting the downloads to the computer, but it is reportedly only 3 megabytes.

As of now the only type of game they feature is casual, and it would appear that they are trying to keep the pricing model to $10 and under, for now. The Vice President of Video Games and Software at Amazon has stated that there could be an expansion of genres for the service, but that Amazon is interested to see the reaction from the current library.

I’ll be interested to see if this takes off, could this be STEAM’s competitor, or is it just a service that will be used by those not so hardcore. I guess we’ll find out once this beta is done.

Check it out

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Beatnik Games’ Open Beta of Plain Sight has Arrived

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 21, 2009


Beatnik Games is officially ready to throw down its Open Beta for Plain Sight, a multiplayer online PC Game in which you control a weapon wielding, bouncing, robot against other robots of the same general type. Sound like a fun idea to check out, well all you have to do is download the game, which takes 128 MB, install it and go, there is no signing up required beforehand.

Now there is a twist to the gameplay, and that is not only are you trying to kill other robots, which will make you become bigger, and you’ll start to glow, but to score the points obtained by your kills you will have to kill yourself. That’s right, once you feel that you have obtained enough points, or you’re afraid that someone will come along and down you, you’ll have to put yourself down to score. I’m sure the format dictates first to a certain amount, and a time limit, but what an interesting twist to have in a game.

I personally will be trying my hand at this game as soon as I can, and I’m sure I’ll drop some more knowledge when I have it.

*** UPDATE ***

After downloading the game and installing it, I have found that it is time based, and that its built around joining or hosting a game on different maps. I really would have like to see what an actual game would have been like, but for some reason the game decided to take control of just under 2 gigs of my RAM and stall my entire PC. So if someone was luckier than I, and perhaps not running Vista gets this up and running, leave a comment.

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Libraries Campaign New Idea Nov. 15

Posted by Altered Confusion on November 12, 2008


In a move to help motivate the youth of today into going to a library, the controlling bodies of the library system have deemed this Saturday as NATIONAL GAMING DAY. I’m not sure how many libraries are actually getting into the act but I find this an interesting move. You can go to your local library, if they are participating, and play some video games or some table top games.

I find this a very clever ploy to get people into libraries and maybe while they aren’t playing they’ll spot a book with a sweet cover and they will decide to pick it up and like that they’ve got you. You’ll start to come to the library for books instead of games. Well at least that could be one ploy, but it is really cool that they are willing to try something like this to get people into a library.

Here’s the link for more information.

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Level 5 Just Keeps on Giving

Posted by Altered Confusion on September 25, 2008

So it would appear that Level 5 is very busy with the portable gaming market right now. They of course announced the colaberation with Studio Ghibli, but they apparently are also creating a PSP RPG by the name of Ushiro, as well as a Soccer RPG called Inazuma Eleven for the DS. I have to say that I’m getting more and more excited now that I see Level 5 cranking out what seems to be some sweet looking games.


This is a RPG in which you, the player, will be stepping into the shoes of a shinigami, or Death God. It will be your task to battle the evil monster plaguing the world, as well as grant people’s wishes.

Inazuma Eleven

This is a sequel Soccer RPG which will have you once again don your cleats and go through a linear storyline, but this time around there will be an alien team in your path. How will you fair, only you can decide.

So here’s to some good excitement coming out of Japan. Sadly there are no release dates for any of these, and if there are they’re probably just the Japanese dates. When the state dates appear I’ll definitely be posting them up.

By the way, this is the same team that is currently working on White Knight.

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