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Mirror’s Edge Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 11, 2009


Mirror’s Edge is an action game that has you running from roof top to roof top trying to solve a mystery, while at the same time trying to stick it to the man with your freedom. Basically there’s a centralized government that everyone, but the ‘runners’ have conformed to. There are those out there that use the runners to run missions and errands. You are one of the best runners, Faith, and you have just recovered from a pretty bad injury.

The controls are complicated, but at the same time aren’t so bad that it renders the game unplayable. You’re going to have to get combos down pretty fast or you’re going to find yourself staring at the obstacle in front of you and have no idea what to do. You can at any time press Square and it will focus the camera on where you’re trying to get to, of course there are times where you’ll look at the area you need to get to and all you can think about is, “how the hell am I actually going to get there?”

The graphics look great on the PS3, there are some pixels swimming, but its minimal if you’re running for your life, like you should be, in the game. The cut scenes constantly made me feel like I was watching an e-surance commercial, I’m not saying that that is a bad thing, but that’s what it felt like. It was definitely a different feel from the action in the game.

The music and sound are light and seem to blend really well with the game. I do recommend that you turn on the sub-titles in the game because there will be time where you’ll be given info that sometimes gets distorted by the sounds around you.

The game play is pretty solid. This is a very unusual game. This is one of the few times where I finished a game in under 10 hours and haven’t thought, “Was that it?” There are times where I really wanted to throw the controller after for the 10th time failing to make a jump. I’m very happy that you have infinite lives, and that you get to ‘respawn’ in relatively close areas to where you die, but there are times where I had made an amazing run through an area to miss the last jump and have to do it all over again.

If you are looking for a game which is more about the running and less about the fighting, and you want an interesting storyline where you’ll be fighting against big brother, this game is for you. Though I will say this, you’re going to have to have patience, and sometimes you’re going to pull a route of getting through things out of your ass. This game deserves an 8.6 out of 10.



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