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Robot Entertainment Announces Orcs Must Die!

Posted by Altered Confusion on February 24, 2011

Robot Entertainment has just revealed their newest game, Orcs Must Die!, a fantasy action-strategy game in which you have to defend a fortress, utilizing traps and weapons to try to stem the tides of enemies. This game will be coming out this summer for digital distribution only, so that means no boxes to buy, but the PC, XBOX360, and PS3 will have it.

Want to read more of this story? Well head over to the main site


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Posted by Altered Confusion on February 11, 2009

Altered Confusion has now officially moved. If you are arriving here from and would like to continue to view the updates from the site please go to

If you are using the RSS feed for the WordPress site, please go to the above address and get the new RSS feed so that you can be kept up to date with the happenings.

Its been a long couple of days but we finally have the site up and running, there’s still work to be done, but we feel confident enough for the public to see it. So go on over and check it out. We also have the first podcast up.

Speaking of Podcasts you can also check us out on I-tunes, that’s right, we’ve got an approved podcast that you can download for free. The first podcast is basically me (Charlie, Altered Confusion, etc) talking with the prolific commenter, Zealeus.

The RSS Feeds are broken down on the new site in the following way:

– News
– Reviews
– Comics
– Podcasts

Hope to see you on the new site, and thanks for the support WordPress, but it is time to move on to another site.

– Charlie

PS: Depending on how fast it goes the URL may or may not work immediately, but soon you’ll be connected to the new site, and all of its features.

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The Latest on What is Going on

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 25, 2009

Thanks to Evil Poison, I fear that my want to play RPGs has been stopped cold in its tracks. This of course is a good thing because it will mean reviewing of more games not RPG, but its also a bad thing because that is the genre that I hold high in my heart, but after what I have just experienced I need to take a break from that genre. Ironically enough Gamefly is sending me yet another PS2 RPG, but we’ll hopefully be getting another game that isn’t one soon, so no worries.

In other news, as you can see I’m still in the driver’s seat for when it comes to posting, I know that there are some people out there that are still working to get a review to me, and there is one other that I’m trying to convince to write a review, we’ll see how it all comes together in the future.

In an effort to separate the recreational me, and the reviewing me I have decided that it is time to get a separate XBOX Live Account for myself. So if anyone is interested to see what I’m currently playing for review, just add AlterdConfusion to your buddy list. I will be making a PS3 username change as well soon, but I’ll update you on that when I get a chance.

Currently I have Hotel Dusk Room 215 running in my brand new DS Lite, it was time to semi-retire the huge red DS that I’ve been totting around for years. Right now I’m about half way through the game, so hopefully I can get a review out in the next couple of days.

I was looking at my wall o’ games, this morning, and have found quite a few games that I haven’t reviewed, they do have a good layer of dust on them, but I think, if I get a chance, I might break into those to give some of the readers, who are looking at the older games, a review to go on. As a result, I may be breaking out the Gamecube games, and the original XBOX games.

Well I better get back to it… oh by the way, I have mapped out the next 6 comics, I just need to draw them out. My mission with the comic is to push way past episode 100 or 150 by the time I get to PAX. I’m pretty sure that that goal is way within my reach, and I hope that the readers are enjoying the experience. As you may have noticed the comics are always shown small on the site as a formatting thing, but to compensate for that every comic is linked to the real sized image, that shows you what the comic should look like.

As always I love to hear from those readers out there that come to Altered Confusion, so please just drop a comment sometime. As you can see I’ve changed up the Left Bar a bit to show what the latest comments have been as well as a calendar to show you what days posts have occurred, so that if you missed a day you can go straight there instead of wading through all the posts trying to find where to start from.

Though I did this a bit ago I still want to point it out, in the Review section I have now broken down each game to system, genre, or alphabetic by title. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be implementing the scores option as well.

One last thing, Altered Confusion t-shirts are on their way, the design is really simple this time around, and when they arrive I’ll try to quickly get something posted for you, the readers.

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Announcement: Altered Confusion

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 11, 2009

Well as everyone has probably seen, it is I, the lone man posting to the website still. After some time to reflect I have discovered that I’m totally cool with that. I know that there are some people out there that are trying to get me a review or two, and when they finish their reviews I’ll be sure to post them.

As for the site, I’m happy to say that it isn’t going anywhere, well at least its not going to disappear.I’m trying to churn through as many games as I can get my hands on be it on the DS, PC, PSP, PS2, XBOX360, PS3, Wii, or the Apple i-pod touch. I can’t really say which I’m going to be paying more attention too because of the following things.

1. I have no idea what games come out when for the Apple i-pod touch
2. I have no idea what game I’ll be able to get my hands on next
3. Because I have a 9-5 job it really depends on the amount of focus I can give said game.

As for the comic, I really wish that I had more time to get more of them out. I know that I started off strong early with a comic almost every day, then a comic once a week, and now I’m trying to get two done ever week. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m definitely set in trying to make the next milestone of 100, seeing as I have just passed 50.

I hope for all of those out there that the review, comics, or both satisfy. I am curious to hear from those who venture on to my site if they have opinions on my reviews, or questions. I try to field the comments as quickly as I can, and I’m even starting to reply to the comments left previously.

Altered Confusion is also making plans to attend the following EXPOs in the year 2009.

PAX (Penny Arcade EXPO) Sept. 4-6
AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) Sept. 18-20

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Mirror’s Edge Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 11, 2009


Mirror’s Edge is an action game that has you running from roof top to roof top trying to solve a mystery, while at the same time trying to stick it to the man with your freedom. Basically there’s a centralized government that everyone, but the ‘runners’ have conformed to. There are those out there that use the runners to run missions and errands. You are one of the best runners, Faith, and you have just recovered from a pretty bad injury.

The controls are complicated, but at the same time aren’t so bad that it renders the game unplayable. You’re going to have to get combos down pretty fast or you’re going to find yourself staring at the obstacle in front of you and have no idea what to do. You can at any time press Square and it will focus the camera on where you’re trying to get to, of course there are times where you’ll look at the area you need to get to and all you can think about is, “how the hell am I actually going to get there?”

The graphics look great on the PS3, there are some pixels swimming, but its minimal if you’re running for your life, like you should be, in the game. The cut scenes constantly made me feel like I was watching an e-surance commercial, I’m not saying that that is a bad thing, but that’s what it felt like. It was definitely a different feel from the action in the game.

The music and sound are light and seem to blend really well with the game. I do recommend that you turn on the sub-titles in the game because there will be time where you’ll be given info that sometimes gets distorted by the sounds around you.

The game play is pretty solid. This is a very unusual game. This is one of the few times where I finished a game in under 10 hours and haven’t thought, “Was that it?” There are times where I really wanted to throw the controller after for the 10th time failing to make a jump. I’m very happy that you have infinite lives, and that you get to ‘respawn’ in relatively close areas to where you die, but there are times where I had made an amazing run through an area to miss the last jump and have to do it all over again.

If you are looking for a game which is more about the running and less about the fighting, and you want an interesting storyline where you’ll be fighting against big brother, this game is for you. Though I will say this, you’re going to have to have patience, and sometimes you’re going to pull a route of getting through things out of your ass. This game deserves an 8.6 out of 10.


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DC Universe Online sort of has a release date

Posted by Altered Confusion on December 3, 2008


For those out there looking for the next Super Hero MMO and think that City of Heroes isn’t enough it looks like DC Universe Online is starting to come together. Sadly this game isn’t reportedly close to release, but it is good to here someone working on it say that he believes that the game should be ready by late 2009 or early 2010.

The real interesting development in my opinion is the fact that this game is slated for not only the PC but for the PS3 as well. There was no mention of the XBOX360. I’m guessing it is because the PS3 and the PC are so closely related in certain factors. Hopefully there won’t be glaring differences between the two when they finally come out.

In DC Universe I’m not exactly sure how the character creation works, but word is that you’ll be meeting all the heroes and villains, those who are easily identifiable, and those who are truly obscure. That fact should have those true DC buffs drooling as they will finally be able to interact with the likes of the Metal Men, or the Doom Patrol.

I guess we’ll see if this will be a worthy foe for the MMOs that will be out at that time. I personally might just give this game a glance, I can’t say I’m a huge DC fan, but it will be interesting how it is all put together.

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Sony’s Price Drop

Posted by Altered Confusion on November 26, 2008



Even though Sony is not going to give the customers a price drop on the PS3, they have decided to slash the prices on some of their PSN games so that people who already have a PS3, and had no desire to pick up an extra one will save some cash.

Here’s a rough list with their brand new $4.99 price tag:

Pixel Junk: Eden
*The Last Guy
Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3

Those out there dying to get their hands on any of these regularly $9.99 priced games have from now until December 4th to purchase them.

To be completely honest I’m still not going to purchase these wonderful titles, none of these games really appeal to me enough to even spend $4.99 on. Now if Sony were to price them at $1.99 for a couple of days, I’d jump at that because even if the game royally blows, I only spent 2 dollars on it.

Is it just me or does it seem that Sony ignorantly continues to drill holes into their already sinking ship? Whatever happened to the company and the product that was the PS2, oh wait its still there and developers are still favoring it over the PS3.

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LittleBigPlanet Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on November 23, 2008

Interested in more gaming news, then follow the link to the new site.


I’ve been trying to hold off on this review for a while now because every time I played I felt like I was getting opened up to new stuff. This is a game that starts off as a platformer where you will take yourself through a story mode and unlock goodies that you can then customize your starting spot with and your character. Your character is affectionately called a sackboy, but once you start getting items that you unlock by going through levels you’ll see that you can definitely reinvent  it.

The graphics look great, for a sometimes very simplistic game, and draw the player into wanting to play more. The different obstacles, levels, and items look great and fit with what the game is about. The characters that you’ll interact with are also quite unique.

The controls are the one thing that hold this game back from possibly being one of the best games ever. At some times the controls are a little sluggish in response, also there are times where you need to change depths on the screen where you’re left frustrated. Let me explain that a bit more, this game is a side scrolling platformer, but it is also 3D so there is some depth to the screen which will sometimes hide objects or secret paths, but there are times where its all about timing and sometimes the sackboy and you don’t quite go at the same speed and as a result you’re left cursing.

The gameplay, with the exception of the controls, is novel, innovative, and fun. I keep getting drawn back into this game not just because of the fun that I have while playing, but the challenge that it presents. There is also a chance that you’ll get to see amazing levels that were created by your peers. Now some of them are indeed on the edge or over for IP infringement, but I’m not going to tell anyone because those are usually the levels that are the best.

My recommendation for this game is go get it, try to get through the story mode to unlock all the goodies, then check out some of the created levels, and then get to work on one of your own. If you are willing to put in a good amount of work getting feedback from peers is so rewarding. Even with the slightly faulty controls I can’t knock this game down, its too much fun. 9.3 out of 10.


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LittleBigPlanet User Created Levels being Deleted

Posted by Altered Confusion on November 9, 2008


Sony promises to explain more, but as of now for some crazy reason user created levels are being deleted, not removed or quarantined. As players are becoming more accustomed  to what they can do with the level editor they are creating levels inspired by their favorite games. Unfortunately those levels are seen as bad or something to that extent and as a result there are players that are being left guessing as to what happened to the level they spent hours upon hours working on.

My only word of advice is be careful what you upload for now, let’s see what happens when the moderators start speaking up. LittleBigPlanet seems to gear towards those who want to put the time in to making something awesome, but seeing what is happening right now don’t be as aggressive trying to post those levels.

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No Price Drop for PS3s this Holiday Season

Posted by Altered Confusion on October 29, 2008

For those of you out there that have been dying to get a PS3 game to play, but you need a PS3 to play it, but you’re waiting for it to come down in price a little bit. I have some bad news. Sony has announced that there will be no price drop for the holiday season. The best I can figure is that they believe that the demand will be such that people will get the system price drop or not, so why drop the price when they’ll already be making money. This will also help out the stockholders in the company as profits will go up.

Well I once again have to take a stand about this. I’m sorry but other than a few games for the PS3 there’s no real reason to buy one right now. I know that back in the day there was a rush on them because they were, at the time, the cheapest Blu-ray player on the market, but that’s no longer the case. Most of the “overly amazing” games that you can play on the PS3 you can play on another platform as well, and chances are you probably already have that platform, so why buy a new one along with the $60 game.

As I’ve stated before I think that Sony will continue to struggle for console dominance during this generation, they got into the game too late, and the game selection is small, and a bunch of the games are either multi-platformed, or aren’t very good. I am excited about the further connectivity that will occur between the PS3 and the PSP, but I don’t think that you’re going to be seeing the PS3 out-pacing the Wii or the 360.

Another thing that Sony has going against them is the fact that there are still a ton of developers that are trying to push their games onto their last generation system, the dominant PS2. Also there has been news circulating that they are openning up the platform. Developers will still need the dev kit, which I’m sure is about a fifth of the PS3 kit cost, but they will no longer have to pay the additional fee. I can see this being a great move, but also a dangerous one as this will open up certain locations to an avalanche of shovel-ware.

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