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Sony Silently Halting Manufacturing of PSP Go!

Posted by Altered Confusion on April 21, 2011

I’m going have to be brutally honest here, I had no idea that they were still making PSP Go!s up to this point. The failed experiment of Sony trying to go strictly digital is, I guess, finally finally coming to a close.

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Sony Reports that the NGP Release Date will Be Pushed out for some Sites

Posted by Altered Confusion on April 11, 2011

Now I don’t think anyone is surprised by this announcement. I think that everyone is aware of what has happened over in Japan, and where the focus needs to be. That and with all the action that has been going on I’m sure assembly lines stopped for some time.

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Posted by Altered Confusion on February 11, 2009

Altered Confusion has now officially moved. If you are arriving here from and would like to continue to view the updates from the site please go to

If you are using the RSS feed for the WordPress site, please go to the above address and get the new RSS feed so that you can be kept up to date with the happenings.

Its been a long couple of days but we finally have the site up and running, there’s still work to be done, but we feel confident enough for the public to see it. So go on over and check it out. We also have the first podcast up.

Speaking of Podcasts you can also check us out on I-tunes, that’s right, we’ve got an approved podcast that you can download for free. The first podcast is basically me (Charlie, Altered Confusion, etc) talking with the prolific commenter, Zealeus.

The RSS Feeds are broken down on the new site in the following way:

– News
– Reviews
– Comics
– Podcasts

Hope to see you on the new site, and thanks for the support WordPress, but it is time to move on to another site.

– Charlie

PS: Depending on how fast it goes the URL may or may not work immediately, but soon you’ll be connected to the new site, and all of its features.

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Sega desires to see Phantasy Star Portable in the US Sooner

Posted by Altered Confusion on February 3, 2009


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Sega has decided that the amount of time they have until the release of Phantasy Star Portable, for the PSP, is just too long, so instead of the gamers demanding an earlier release its the company demanding it, and of course that means it is going to happen.

If you were excited to get this game on the original release date, you’re going to be really happy when you’re able to pick it up on March 3rd.

According to sales charts this game has already racked up 700k+ worth of units sold, and Sega hopes the demand is equal once it arrives in the US.

Remember that there’s another Phantasy Star coming soon to the DS, Phantasy Star 0. This will take care of the portable systems, I wonder if this is a hint at something on a bigger stage coming soon. The PS3 could sure use the help.


Interested in more gaming news, then follow the link to the new site.

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Atlus Keeps the Releases Coming

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 29, 2009


In a time where it seems that most studios just aren’t releasing as many titles because of the economy Atlus has decided to take the opposite approach and continue to release a mountain’s worth of games. My only hope is that they are like their best sellers, and less like Eternal Poison. The latest games to leak out are 3 DS games, and a PSP game slated for times during the second quarter (April through June).

Curious to know what the titles are, well here you go:

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier (now that is a mouth-full)
Sting’s Knights in the Nightmare and Dokapon Journey (No it’s not the singer Sting’s game)
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

Crimson Gem Saga

So as you can see 4 very different titles, and probably with very little if any cross over between titles.

I almost didn’t report on this simply because I was afraid that I might lash out at one of the companies that I held in high regard, but as a writer, you just can’t let your emotions get the best of you.

So here’s to 4 games that aren’t going to be as big of a disaster as Eternal Poison. As they release dates get closer I’m sure more information on each will come available and hopefully we’ll pick up that info and be able to give it to you, the readers.

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Japan gets more colors for PSPs

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 26, 2009


In an attempt to further diversify the colors available for your PSP Sony has announced a couple more colors to their line. Now there has been no concrete word of these making it into the US, but for Japan they can expect a new blue and red PSPs March 5th, and a yellow and green PSPs March 19th.

From my understanding they are selling two different flavors of each. One that will be the just the PSP, and one that will include a 4 gig card. Also Sony will be offering covers for the extended batteries in Japan, these are the same batteries that got the axe in the states.

I can see that Sony is dying to sell some PSPs and so they are diversifying the colors, they are also trying to remind people of the Skype, mp3 player, movie viewer, game playing system that is the PSP. My feeling about the colors is that it is an attempt to grab on to a more female audience, at least that’s what I feel would help in the US. Though I’ve never felt all that comfortable about using or considering the PSP as a mp3 player.

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Yuusha 30 (30 second Gameplay?)

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 22, 2009


A game company by the name of Marvelous has unveiled its new “vibe RPG” game, Yuusha 30. The game will have you playing 4 different characters, and it will be at 30 second increments for a level.

The characters and game modes are as follows:

1. A Fighter which will be played in a side-scrolling adventure game.
2. A Devil King in a strategy game.
3. A Princess in a shooter.
4. A Knight in a regular old action game.

The assumption must be made that there will be multiple levels for these characters. If not you’re looking at a very short game that might be 100% strange and stupid, or a game that hits you so hard so fast that you’re left wondering what just happened to you.

This game is said to be coming to the PSP, and I’m sure as more information is revealed some of the gameplay will make more sense.

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Star Ocean First Departure Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 21, 2009


Star Ocean: First Departure is a PSP remake of the 1996 game of the same name. This is the game that started the Star Ocean series. You will be taking on the role of a tailed, reluctant, hero, as you will discover that you are not alone, and the life you had known isn’t all there is out there. A strange disease has ravaged a town, and the cure is something out of this world.

The graphics show that it is a remake of an older game, there’s nothing that is going to blow your mind but you can definitely tell that the graphics have been updated. the one thing that I would have like to see with the update is the ability to see if your character actually has a weapon equipped or not. There was a portion of the game where even though my character’s model showed a weapon, there wasn’t a weapon equipped, and it kept me from taking on a quest. There’s a little bit of tearing that occurs from time to time while in cities.

The music is on par with a game of this type, it fits well, and doesn’t seem to be out of place in most cases. The set phrases, as well as the overall dialog are my biggest gripes. Even though there is the possibility of changing your character’s name, you’re going to hear every character say your default name throughout the game.

The controls also bug me. When on the world map, your character seemed to change speeds from time to time when it wouldn’t seem that you should. Also in battles trying to move towards enemies felt really loose. Also the combat feels like a button masher when that type of fighting really doesn’t fit what you’d expect.

The gameplay is you trying to get from point A to point B. There are times when you can switch the story around a bit, but they it will eventually get right back into line. There are 4 characters that you will automatically gain, but there are other also characters that you will have chances of gaining as you go along. You will also be gaining skill points as you go along, as well as the opportunity to unlock skills to level up. These skills will allow for unlocking of abilities (ie crafting, cooking, and such). You’ll notice that there will be certain instances when leaving a town, or about to enter a town where you can initiate private actions, I worn you, if you’ve done it once chances are its the same one that is flashing up. Also there are cases where you’re trying to return to complete a quest , this is when you don’t want to do the private action, it will seperate your character from the group sometimes, and then you can’t complete the quest until you exit and re-enter the city. My final qualm is the locations of save points, I don’t mind them being near boss fights, that’s a great lifesaver, but at the same time after staying at an Inn there is no option to save after resting, your best choice is to go back out to the world map to save.

If you’ve played the first and want to see what has changed, then I’d say get the game. If you are looking for a very complicated RPG with flaws on the PSP, then get the game. If you are looking for your next favorite RPG for the PSP, then I’d look elsewhere. This game gets a 5.7 out of 10.


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Atlus to release Class of Heroes Stateside

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 21, 2009


Atlus has announced the US release of their game Class of Heroes, April 7th, 2009. This will be a first person, party, dungeon crawler.

The name of the game is customization. There will be 10 different races, and apparently Atlus says that there are over 500 character possibilities, by the end of the game. The game is also promising 80 hours of gameplay, and over 1300 items to discover on over 75 maps. Also using alchemy is something that will enhance the experience, and allow players to make their own items.

To be honest this sounds like it could be very good, or very, very bad. Atlus has some games out there that go way over-board, and with the slinging of numbers I’m leaning towards overkill. I’m sure more details will creep out a bit closer to the actual release date, for now here’s some pictures to look at.



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Neon Genesis Evangelion Visual Novel getting ported to PSP

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 16, 2009


To continue the trend of PSP ports, another announcement has just come out. This announcement revolves around the PS2 visual novel, Neon Genesis Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend.

If you are wondering what a visual novel is, well we’re in the same boat. The best I can figure after looking all over the internet is that this is a game in which you control the main character and talk to people. So basically a visual text based adventure game. Now I could be totally wrong with that.

This game is slated to come out in Japan on April 9th, there hasn’t been any talk of a US release. There will be two versions a standard edition ( $44 ), and a collectors edition ( $67 ).

I’ll be interested to hear more details about this, but until that time comes I guess we’ll just have to wait it out until there are more details.

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