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SSX’s Release Date Gets Clearer

Posted by Altered Confusion on April 19, 2011

EA’s snowboarding game, SSX, which has been on a bit of a vacation is finally coming back, and I’m both happy and sad to say that it would appear that they are aiming to release the game January 2012. The only reason that makes me sad is the fact that it isn’t coming out sooner.

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SSX Blur Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on April 13, 2008

Your favorite snowboarding series from EA BIG has found its way onto the Nintendo Wii. For those who don’t know SSX Blur would be around the fourth addition to the series. You get to choose a snowboarder and carve up different peaks as you battle against computer opponents and improve your skills, outfits, and gear. This edition also includes the choice to use skis as well as snowboards.

The graphics stand out, I don’t know if it is a good thing or not but it seems a bit softer than SSX 3. The actual layout of the mountains looks good, especially in the more untamed areas. Really it looks like what it should look like if you really went skiing or snowboarding.

The controls are where it gets interesting. EA Big was not scared to use all the functionality of the wii-mote paired with the nunchuck. This really gives mixed results. I’m sure if you play this game a lot the controls will eventually feel natural, but for those who just want to pick it up and play a little here and there, they’re going to have nightmares with the controls, especially when it comes to uber tricks. To perform uber tricks you are going to have to make different patterns of movement with either the wii-mote or the nunchuck together. I just feel like the tracking on the patterns isn’t all that crisp so you’ll be making the moves more and more exaggerated as you try desperately to pull off that elusive trick.

The gameplay is as solid as ever, of course the controls kind of hinder the gameplay, but overall this game is enjoyable. I have found that everyone has atg least an event type that they become good at with the control scheme.

For not being fearful with what the Nintendo Wii I have to give EA BIG props, I think this game probably could have used a bit more time to iron out the controls and maybe vary certain parts of the game a bit more but its a solid 7.6 out of 10.

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