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Hints are in the Air for a New Nintendo Console

Posted by Altered Confusion on April 19, 2011

Alright, I know that there have been rumors in the past of Nintendo trying to develop the Wii 2, or the Wii HD, and apparently these rumors are starting to take hold. I think everyone can agree that Nintendo needs to step up at least in the graphics department, if not catching up on the true internet connectivity piece.

Want more of the story, then head over to the Main Site.

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Donkey Kong Country Returns Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 24, 2011

Once again it is time to play as DK (Donkey Kong) as his horde of Bananas has yet again been stolen right under his nose. This time its a hypnotizing mask that gets all the animals on the island to do its dirty work. You get to choose slight variations in your path to defeat bosses that will try to stop you from ascending the Volcano for the final showdown.

want more of the review? Just click the link to view the whole thing on the Main Altered Confusion Website.

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Posted by Altered Confusion on February 11, 2009

Altered Confusion has now officially moved. If you are arriving here from and would like to continue to view the updates from the site please go to

If you are using the RSS feed for the WordPress site, please go to the above address and get the new RSS feed so that you can be kept up to date with the happenings.

Its been a long couple of days but we finally have the site up and running, there’s still work to be done, but we feel confident enough for the public to see it. So go on over and check it out. We also have the first podcast up.

Speaking of Podcasts you can also check us out on I-tunes, that’s right, we’ve got an approved podcast that you can download for free. The first podcast is basically me (Charlie, Altered Confusion, etc) talking with the prolific commenter, Zealeus.

The RSS Feeds are broken down on the new site in the following way:

– News
– Reviews
– Comics
– Podcasts

Hope to see you on the new site, and thanks for the support WordPress, but it is time to move on to another site.

– Charlie

PS: Depending on how fast it goes the URL may or may not work immediately, but soon you’ll be connected to the new site, and all of its features.

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Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time gets US release date

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 26, 2009


Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time officially has a North American release date. Both the Wii and the DS versions of the games, that you’ll be able to play along side each other will drop for $40 on March 24. Now I know that there are those out there that remember the last try at inter-connectivity between a Nintendo console and portable device, but it looks like this time around instead of having to get all those cables, you’re going to be able connect wirelessly. Also as reported before, in the Wii version you’re going to be able to use you Mii as a character in the game. If memory serves me correctly this is the first major title in a while to show Mii support, I’m not counting the mountain of mini-game games out there, though.

So if you are a fan and are dying to get your hands onto the next Crystal Chronicles, and are in the US, your time is near. My only hope for the game is that they did away with having to carry around that bucket, I know it was an ingenious way of not having to deal with split screen, but it was a pain in the ass nonetheless.

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Square Enix’s Crystal Defenders going Multi-platform

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 21, 2009


The Square Enix made Crystal Defenders, that was released on to the Apple App Store is now destined to the Wii, XBOX 360, and PS3. The Wii will be showing it in the WiiWare section for 1,000 points. The 360 and PS3 will have it in their arcade area (Live Arcade and PSN respectively), though no price has been mentioned for those locations.

To my this screams yet another attempt by Square to make money solely on a name. As stated in the review this game isn’t all that original, but because it is made by Square Enix and has early Final Fantasy-esque characters that you can throw down, the masses will buy it.

I’ll be interested to see how this ends for Square Enix. I will admit half of me wants them to succeed so that they can swell their coffers a bit more so maybe a truly original IP can come out of their studios, and the other half wants them to fall flat on their face and wake up to the fact that the more they water down the name Final Fantasy in any shape or form the more they are going to start to see people rating their games as average, and a “been there and done that” game.

The game will be updated from the Apple version, but I’m thinking its just going to be a couple more boards and maybe a slightly higher res models. It is due out in Japan, at least for the Wii on January 27th.

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WiiWare Manga Reader Pops up in Japan

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 21, 2009


Sunsoft has just released its WiiWare Manga reader in Japan. the available manga at the moment is Princess Ai. There will be the ability to turn on sub-titles, for those non-Japanese readers, as well as the ability to listen to some music while you read.

The controls are a bit awkward with you having to press A once over a speech bubble to actually turn on the translation for that specific bubble. You’ll have the – and + button to zoom in and out of pages, and the directional arrows will flip the page.

This could be an interesting idea that appeals to some people out there. I personally would be interested in see what kind of payment play will be instituted to gain different volumes of manga. I’d also be interested to see if this is a TokyoPop only thing, or if other distributors will be throwing their hat into the ring.

There is a lot of good that could come with this for those out there that read manga, but it can also be disastrous. It will be interesting to see what happens down the road, but for now its only in Japan, so those in the US are just going to have to wait a bit.

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Non-Friend Code Wii Game is in the Works

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 13, 2009


There is a rumor that is starting to circulate revolved around a big Nintendo game. This game is said to have a major online component. Now there are a couple of games that have online capabilities, but this game is rumored to have not only online capabilities, but capabilities that allow for the absence of using Friend Codes.

To almost anyone out there who has been yearning for some online play without having to obtain a ton of friend codes, this is a blessing. The unfortunate thing is that the name of this game has yet to be revealed. There has been speculation that the game in question could be The Conduit, but Sega has stated that they will be utilizing the friend code system.

I, for one, am really excited at the possibility of opening up the Wii online capabilities by getting rid of the over protective friend code system. I have thought all along that there should be a nice balance between the friend codes and open online play. Maybe have some kind of bonus, or setting that allows for friend codes only, or something along those lines.

When more comes out, I’ll be sure to give an update.

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Announcement: Altered Confusion

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 11, 2009

Well as everyone has probably seen, it is I, the lone man posting to the website still. After some time to reflect I have discovered that I’m totally cool with that. I know that there are some people out there that are trying to get me a review or two, and when they finish their reviews I’ll be sure to post them.

As for the site, I’m happy to say that it isn’t going anywhere, well at least its not going to disappear.I’m trying to churn through as many games as I can get my hands on be it on the DS, PC, PSP, PS2, XBOX360, PS3, Wii, or the Apple i-pod touch. I can’t really say which I’m going to be paying more attention too because of the following things.

1. I have no idea what games come out when for the Apple i-pod touch
2. I have no idea what game I’ll be able to get my hands on next
3. Because I have a 9-5 job it really depends on the amount of focus I can give said game.

As for the comic, I really wish that I had more time to get more of them out. I know that I started off strong early with a comic almost every day, then a comic once a week, and now I’m trying to get two done ever week. We’ll see how that goes, but I’m definitely set in trying to make the next milestone of 100, seeing as I have just passed 50.

I hope for all of those out there that the review, comics, or both satisfy. I am curious to hear from those who venture on to my site if they have opinions on my reviews, or questions. I try to field the comments as quickly as I can, and I’m even starting to reply to the comments left previously.

Altered Confusion is also making plans to attend the following EXPOs in the year 2009.

PAX (Penny Arcade EXPO) Sept. 4-6
AWA (Anime Weekend Atlanta) Sept. 18-20

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Ubisoft to make Grey’s Anatomy Game

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 7, 2009


This whole time I’ve been thinking to myself, this has to be an early April Fools joke, but it would appear that I was sadly mistaken. Ubisoft has officially announced the inking of the deal to bring the hit TV series, Grey’s Anatomy, to the Wii, DS, and the PC. Here is your chance to interact with the characters and the hospital that you’ve grown to love.

I think that this is an attempt on Ubisoft’s part to make some green on something that has a huge following. I personally have no interest in the show, nor the games, but I can see how there is a group out there that would eat this up, especially on the DS. I wonder what the system requirements for this game will be, they better make sure that an average computer can run it because if they don’t their core audience might not be able to run the game, and they’re going to see some backlash.

I’m sure more info will come out about this game, and when it does I’ll see if I can’t sneak it on for those interested in the future of this game, which amazingly enough is suppose to come out sometime this year.


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EA Tries to Milk Sims Franchise Further

Posted by Altered Confusion on January 7, 2009


EA has decided that it would really really like to run the Sims brand name into the ground and not stop until it comes out the other side. Just announced MySims Party, and MySims Racing, each of these games has a Wii and a DS flavor.

Here’s the details from the press release:

MySims Party for the Wii
MySims Party turns any gathering into an instant party with 50 mini games to choose from, each hosted by a different MySim. You and your friends have the chance to Stick the Trick in the extreme snowboarding mini game, outrun a robot in Robo Assault or shake your groovey thing with DJ Candy during the Go Go Dancing challenge. Each MySim character brings a unique combination of skills to the mission, with differing levels of endurance, speed and luck giving you the option to choose the best MySim for the task. You can play mini games one right after the other, or you and your friends can compete in a themed festival such as food, music or sports that offers multiple mini games.

MySims Party for the Nintendo DS
Take the mini games with you! MySims Party for the Nintendo DS offers 40 mini games to choose from. These games, specific for the DS, offer hours of entertainment. You can dig up dinosaur fossils during Excavate-a-Saurus, join Goth Boy on a first person shooter mission during Haunted Hunted or rock out with Air-Guitar-Star!

MySims Racing for the Wii
Race to the finish line in MySims Racing! Face a variety of tricky MySim opponents on a huge variety of exotic tracks! Take on up to three friends in intense multiplayer racing. During your race, find awesome power-ups such as the heat-seeking jack-o-lantern pumpkin or a bubble dropper that can help you wreck the competition. There are nearly endless customization options so that your car reflects your high-gear personality. You can swap bodies, change paint jobs and add tons of accessories. Not only can you change the look of your car, you can also improve power, acceleration and handling by mixing and matching engines, suspension and tires.

MySims Racing for the Nintendo DS
Take the race with you! MySims Racing for the Nintendo DS allows you and up to three of your friends to race each other using local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi.

Personally I miss the days where there was just “Sim” on the games, or just “Sims”, I don’t need to personalize it for myself. Sadly though I can understand EA’s thinking, in a crappy economy where game sales are down, if you’ve got something that is assured to sell, then you’ve got to do it.

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