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Yggdra Union Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on December 22, 2008


Yggdra Union is a turn-base strategy RPG for the PSP. You’ll be slowly gaining an army to face an evil army that has taken over your country, but on the way you’re going to have to discover what is going wrong in other places.

The graphics are your standard affair for the PSP. The different models used in this 2-D game look good, a bit cartoony, but for the game it looks good. the actual terrain in the game bothers me. They look like NES graphics. Also it is so hard to figure out if you are standing on frozen ice, and then a couple turns later you’re dead because you didn’t know that you were standing somewhere you weren’t.

The sound and music, I tell you what, you’ll like it for the first little bit, but the voice acting, the sounds, and music get old fast.

The controls are pretty simple, and the tutorial that is a bit too thurough will make sure you know all the button presses.

The game has some series potential. I like how you’re abilities are dictated by the cards that you play, yes there are cards involved in the game, and that after a successful round of attacks they actually gain more strength along with your troops. The problem is that there are special abilities associated with those cards and sometimes what looks like a no-brainer so that you can use the skill turns into heartache as you are faced with the wonderful message of you can’t use that skill right now. The learning curve is completely out of whack. There are parts that you just wish they could just give you up front so you don’t have to go through every single tutorial, and then there are others that you wish they would write a novel about because it is so vague, it hurts.

I wish I could really recommend this game but I can’t. If you are looking for a card based turn base game go get Culdcept, but if you need it for the PSP I guess you could get this game just don’t get your hopes too far up there. I give this game a 5.4 out of 10.



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