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The Possible Absence of Madden in Madden

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 27, 2008

So according to various websites there is a rumor that the might Jon Madden’s voice might not be featured in the upcoming years addition of Madden. Is anyone else slightly confused by this.

First of all let me go on record and say that I like Madden, but I don’t like EA. I think that if EA hadn’t gobbled the NFL license up that there would be two very well tuned NFL games out there and that the players would be getting a better experience out of it. EA is a whore…

Now with that being said, I find it very strange that the one man whose name is on the box every year, and whose voice and commentary are legendary, by the fact that it makes you feel smarter, has the possibility of not being heard this year is blasphemous.

If they take his voice away, and I was Madden I’d say you better be plastering my mug on every menu in the game then, otherwise you can’t use the name. Though I wonder what the gaming community would think of EA NFL 09. I wonder if it would cause any change in the purchasing habits of those out there that have to buy the latest sports game version every year.

Sadly I’m in that group when it comes to College Hoops, but Madden is one of those things that I somehow always end up with in the end, so I guess I’m one of those guilty people as well.

I know this is a bit off topic but I think it is total bullshit how GameStop rips off so many gamers with their trade-in value scale, and they’re entire sales plan for used games. For those who don’t know the companies who publish the games get royalties on the initial sale, but if the game is sold back to the store and then resold, they see no more money, and GameStop gets to pocket the entire profit. It would be cool if the gamers who traded in their games actually got a decent amount for trading in a game. Usually, I’m not sure what the going rate is right now, you’ll be able to turn in a recently released game for about 20-30 bucks, and then GameStop will turn around and slap a price tag of 45 – 58 bucks. I personally think that if a person is going to simply turn in a game or two to pick up a new game, then the in store credit should be higher to if the person just wants cash, but that’s just me.

To get back on to topic, I’d like to hear what people think about the Madden rumor.

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Lord of the Rings Online Review

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 27, 2008

I know that The Lord Of The Rings: Shadows Of Angmar has been out there for a while, and it is in the genre that I have a problem with, but I figured I’d review it since I’ve actually played the game good amount.

Overall this game is your standard MMO affair. For some this game stands out more because of its tie to Tolkien’s immortal work. As a person who hasn’t immersed myself through all of his works it was the time period and races that drew me into this game.

The graphics, if you have a good card look stunning, and if you don’t have that good of a card, well you’re going to see some chugging in large areas. I like the more realistic models over those of WoW, but it does sometimes have the feel of WoW reskinned.

The controls are of course sometimes a bit tricky with the quick slots, but if you are use to this type of game it basically follows the same format as other MMOs.

I think the thing that makes this game a good addition to an MMO player’s library is the fact that there is an option out there for a lifetime membership which means that you can kiss monthly fees goodbye, now of course the amount you have to pay is a large amount, but if you feel like this is a game that you’re going to be playing for a long while then it is the choice for you.

Another thing that makes me happy about this game is the content updates that they’ve been able to give to the player. I’m excited that there is more and more to the game. The only thing that people gripe about, and I can see their pain, is the same thing in any MMO, there is a ceiling for leveling up. I know that’s to keep players under control and make the game more of a challenge.

There are different quests out there for players, and it isn’t required for the player to have to complete all of them, of course I’m the idiot who still tries, but I know that once you’ve gotten to a certain level some quests just disappear. There are retrieval quests, hunting quests, and of course your rescue quests.

Overall this game is yet another MMO, and the content though being increment isn’t going to be able to satisfy hardcore gamers after a while.

To be honest I don’t think there’s an MMO out there that can. There are MMOs out there that have PvP (Peer vs Peer) battles to get exclusive items, but once you’ve risen to the top boredom can set in overnight.

I’d give this specific MMO a 7.5 out of 10. It has potential, and staying power but its not something that I can honestly say I’ll be hooked on until the end of time.

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Another Day and the anticipation for another Comic is there

Posted by Altered Confusion on March 27, 2008

So sadly I don’t even have a comic sketched out for today, though I think that if I put my mind to it I could probably draw something without my wonderful guidelines and get it posted today. So I think that’s what I’ll do.

As it turns out I got to work early yet again so that I could get through this round of work and then get to my side work, but I really don’t know what the work is suppose to be, so off to do some side work while getting my hours in at work.

Yeah if you’re not confused by that, I am very impressed.

I checked out my site tracker and I have to say that my viewers are now popping in from a couple more places than I anticipated. I’ve been gotten some international hits, now if they are accidental, I have no idea, but still it is something to smile at.

I’m seeing that if I really put a lot of effort into this that people will eventually at least take a peek at what I am doing here.

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